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@AndrewB said:

but modern OS support is spotty.

No kidding, I tried to get WWP to run on my Win 7 x64 machine not too long ago and couldn't get it to work, even with the supposed compatibility patches. Errors every time. I'll have to check out Worms 2 again, haven't played that in maaaany years.

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I actually prefer Worms World Party to Worms Armageddon, the tweaks they made to WWP are fantastic. Are either of these on Good Old Games?

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duncman2000 would like to join as well!

I messaged you on live as well

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I've got the game, but I have to wait till I get off of work to play. Work cannot go slowly enough. At least I work at Audi :P

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I take a kickboxing class that involves the martial discipline aspects of the art as well as offering a full sparring element, and I love it. If you can find a school that offers sparring, kickboxing is a blast. The spinning kicks and other special moves really spice up the core boxing element of the art. Just my 2 cents.

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I just threw the game in to screw around and was promptly notified that my 101% completion save has been corrupted. Guess I'll have to start over ;)

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Well, that went very poorly for the canucks...and the city of vancouver in general. I'll never understand people who riot and destroy their own city because they can't handle losing.  
Do we have the final results of the picker?

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well, here we go. game 7, 'nucks for the cup!

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is this thing still going on? Van with a series-clinching OT win over the sharks, finals here we come!

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WOW, 'nucks pull an OT win over the 'hawks. I am so relieved.