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I really think TNT should come back in some form or another. Streams of couch co-op games or the good old days of playing with community over the net, are always great fun. The best part of these "old game streams" is the steady flow of weird knowledge that Jeff spews out - he knows way too much about this shit and most of the time it is really interesting. The games themselves, at least when presented in these short weird bursts, are not very interesting to watch.

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Good luck out there Vinny.

But as far as the bombcast goes...this really sucks. It's the thing that brought me to GB and still remains my favorite piece of content. With Ryan gone and now Vinny moving...I don't know. I really hope they're looking into some skype-ish methods of doing the podcast with people not in SF - and not just in the way of short calls to Patrick for the news segment.

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Nice. 5th year in a row, here we come.

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You dirty fuckers. I don't care that you want your hands smelling like dick, but please think about all the people you may end up shaking hands with or who may need to touch same doorknobs and other public property after you've contaminated them. You know, common courtesy.

Open the tap, wash your hands and dry them with paper towels - then use those to turn off the tap (and open the door, if necessary) before throwing them away. Or use your imagination on how to leave without touching contaminated surfaces.

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Hearthstone can have some hard swings, especially in the Arena, and whether due to a mistake or sheer cunning, the board can end up looking quite absurd. I thought there might be enough photographic evidence to populate a thread - so share your stories and pictures here!

I'll contribute with this little gem of Avenging Wrath gone wrong:

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Nope. I play only Arena, so I don't have to worry about owning cards. The daily quests and Arena rewards are enough to fund my Arena runs.

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I was also just the right age when Blair Witch came out - it took me a few days to figure out it wasn't actually real. And let me tell you - that movie done freaked me out good.

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That was some great public speaking @patrickklepek! Well done!

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Sometimes with stuff like this I'm torn. I want Giantbomb to be mature and pursue critical analysis on topics but then I also want them to continue bringing the fun and hi-jinx hilarity. Can the two coexist? Without people getting upset, can we have a serious conversation and then on the flip side laugh about things? I don't know. It's weird because usually critical conversation has a tendency to be quite dry, I hope we can have a best of both worlds on the site without people losing their shit like they did in the chat. Although I do fully realise that probably 95% of that was 4chan trolls.

Both should be able to, but it's a tough balance, and the age and maturity of the site's audience can make it difficult to be receptive, particularly toward the more serious, critical side. It was really telling when people, in response to the censoring of Ryan's unfortunate choice of words near the end of the final Lantern Run stream, leaped to his "defense" and saying such language is in the spirit of the site and community. Which of course is total horseshit.

I think Gamers With Jobs is a great podcast/site/community that is aimed at more mature audience, but who're still capable of fun and hi-jinx. They're way less crazy than GB, but in turn, their community seems way more friendly and the asshole-percentage seems lower. I'd like it if GB moved towards that as the crew gets older, while still holding on to their own brand of crazy.

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Ughh. I hate horror. But still, Event Horizon and Pet Cemetery are definitely classics and everyone should watch them,.

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I played 2-3 hours of it and got my character to level 9 before I got too bored to continue. The comments so far have been nothing but praise and maybe that happens late game but I was too lazy to find out and now that the beta is over I probably never will find out. From the tiny bit that I played; the combat seemed generic and boring, there was nothing new there. The questing was the worst it consisted of mostly - fetch this, talk to this character, deliver this, kill x amount of this and the public quest or fate as they called it were just kill x amount of creatures.

The game could be amazing if I went deeper, but I didn't have time to dredge through boring shit to get to the good stuff.

Well, in the end, it's still an MMO. There are no big breakthroughs in FFXIV, nor in any other upcoming MMOs. Even EverQuest Next, while promising to try something new and interesting, will still be an MMO and will come with a lot of familiar stuff. Just because they are trying for emergent AI, doesn't mean that they won't have "Kill X number of X creature" quests - they're the bread and butter of MMOs (and other RPGs for that matter) and they'll always be there, no matter how well the game tries to disguise them as something else.

If there will be some kind of true innovation in the future of MMOs, it is something that goes beyond my imagination. The best they can do is give us an interesting world to explore and hang out in. And in that, as far as I've seen, FFXIV does succeed admirably. Especially so, if one happens to be a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise. Though it remains to be seen, how well it'll hold up in the long run.

And really - it's more the people than the game itself, that keep you playing. Whether I'll stick around in FFXIV will depend completely on the people I meet up during these early stages of the game.