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If the doors make any other sound, it's not a Doom game.

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I've done multiple playthroughs of Deus Ex: HR, including Pacifist etc. which doesn't really count as "self-imposed". But I did do one playthrough, where I decided I had to kill all the hostiles and get no alarms. So I wouldn't finish a level until every enemy was dead. And when I had to choke out some guys (or sleep-dart them) to keep things quiet, I would drag them off and shoot them in the head while they were unconscious.

What? Don't look at me like that.

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DE:HR is like in top 3 all time games for me, for various reasons - have replayed that sucker like 4-5 times now. All I can say, is: please be good, please be good, please be good, please be good, please be good...

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I'm not much of a gamer these days. I spend way more time with videos (LPs, QLs, etc.) than with actually playing games. Hell, I probably spend more time listening to gaming podcasts than actually playing games. Looking at my recent Steam activity: bunch of sporadic Quake Live and CS:GO matches. And I lay at least a part of the blame on the games - there hasn't been much going on that has grabbed my attention. Some indies manage it to a degree - last years GotY for me was definitely Talos Principle. Last AAA title that I purchased was probably Bioshock Infinite - and that was like, 2 years ago. Next one might be GTAV once it hits PC. Mostly I just pick up several year old games that are on sale for 10€ or less, in case they happen to tickle my interest - if not, then the financial loss isn't too bad.

The same old rehashed games just won't do anymore. Good gameplay just isn't enough. What I'm really looking for are new experiences. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is still number 2 on my all-time favorite games list, because it managed to create a world that I wanted to live in. The gameplay is enjoyable enough, the story is ok - but it's the world, the visuals, the music...it's the atmosphere that grabbed me and kept me going back for multiple playthroughs. Number 1 on my list is EverQuest, because it let me experience a whole new way of playing games, a whole new world to experience and gave me tons of precious memories. Talos Principle grabbed me because of the atmosphere as well, and the mystery - puzzles were just a fun extra. Listening to those audio logs and reading those emails while slowly figuring things out, was tons of fun.

I guess these days I'm laying all my hopes on VR. In it's current form I can imagine it delivering great new experiences when combined with a great space-sim type of game. Maybe whatever Star Citizen will be, could be the thing that matches perfectly with a VR and lets me live the life of a starship pilot. Steam VR (Tested guys had some positive things to say about it) seems like it could provide a platform for even more interesting VR games - I would totally dedicate a room for just VR purposes, if it meant I could enjoy something completely unique. Though I won't be satisfied until I can connect a fleshy pod with a tentacle to a hole in my spine and experience true VR.

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Fuck...has it really been 4 years? Sucks to see you go Pat, but I'm not completely surprised. It's hard to be a part of GB when you're in a different city all by yourself as much of the content on this website relies on the personalities and how well they mesh with each other - never did enjoy QL solos nearly as much as the regular ones.

I just hope Alex and Vinny won't follow suit. They at least have each other and some resemblance of a studio in which to produce content. Just to be safe, I think GB NY should hire a third person.

Take care Patrick and good luck!

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The game was just a bonus (an enjoyable one, at that [so far]). I kickstarted the project for the documentary - and I haven't been disappointed. Have loved every episode of it.

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Looks pretty meh. TF2 is ok, but I never got into it - much preferred Tribes when it came to class based FPS games. There doesn't seem to be any art direction - seems all over the place. If they'd copied HotS model and made the classes be characters from existing Blizzard IPs I would've been more interested.

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Definitely that. Because it was not just a new game, it was a whole new gaming experience. Huge virtual world with other people in it. Completely blew my mind and it makes me sad that I can never experience that again. Unless...maybe VR...

For movies, I would love to experience watching The Matrix for the first time. I was so hyped up afterwards that I was literally jumping around as I ran home. Alternatively Memento - loved that movie, and it really can't be re-watched once you know the plot twist.

As for books, I think I would go for the books I still consider my favorites: Robin Hobb's Farseer trilogy.

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Take care, mate! And good luck with your future endeavors!

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Oh, and in my first playthrough Tali committed suicide and I was emotionally devastated for several days afterwards.

I forgot about that - must've suppressed it. That was definitely brutal.

Looking at conversation, there're quite a few people that don't get invested in the characters if it's a game. It's actually rather interesting how we differ, not just in our tastes and preferences, but in our way of enjoying each medium. Sort of getting sidetracked here, but for me, I pretty much always get invested in characters if it's a book or a game. But there is a weird pre-requisite of the protagonist being male - I need to be able to relate to him, on that basic level, or I won't get into the story, the world and the other characters. And it's about the same with tv series as well - of course, the longer the series, the more I'll be invested. But I've cried my eyes out at the ends of stuff like Babylon 5, Band of Brothers, Cowboy Bebop etc. I think movies are the odd one out - I can just as easily enjoy a movie with female protagonist(s) as one without, but I also never get as invested. I've cried only during movies that are purposefully trying to make you sad and depressed, like Hotaru no Haka.

I think it has something to do with how we want to experience things or what we want from them. For me, it's pure escapism - so I try to immerse myself into the material, as much as possible. In movies though, I always feel more like an observer, than participant.