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I can't seem to delete images after a certain point to try and clean up what I've uploaded. I can delete one or two items by dragging them to the Wastebasket in the upper toolbar, and then it just 'stops' working. 
In more detail, when I drag another image to the Wastebasket after one or two deletes, it no longer highlights correctly and simply won't allow me to wipe it out. I've started culling my images on my side and uploading the 'clean' batches, but it would be nice to go back and clean up the ones that I've already sent up.
This has started to happen with every article I've worked with so far.
Firefox 3.6
Safari 4.0.4
Latest Java update installed
OS: Windows XP

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Running into the same problem here. I can only add images to the top part of an article but if I scroll further down and click on the "insert" command, the tool doesn't come up at all.
Browsers tried:
Firefox 3.6
Safari 4.0.4
OS: Windows XP

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Multiplayer's terrible on the US side of the ocean. The single player is the only reason to get the game.

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As best as I can guess...
Why is Cereza brought into the future?
To awaken the Left Eye which is Bayonetta/Cereza. According to Balder, she had to see herself as a requirement of awakening the Left Eye in addition to all of the other experiences she had since emerging from her sleep 20 years earlier. She didn't know it was her, but perhaps her adventures in protecting her younger self helped to awaken more of her memories.

Why does Baldur want to create a new world?
Not him, personally, he was more of a tool (he was the Right Eye) willing to do anything in order to resurrect Jubileus whose return would unify the Trinity of Realities. He had tried to resurrect Jubileus 500 years earlier and had failed when it broke out into open warfare.

Isn't Bayonetta an expelled Umbra-witch? (If so, why do they want Jeanne to kill her?) 
Bayonetta was the daughter of an Umbra Witch but while her mother was an exile because of Balder, Bayonetta was raised in their order (even though she was considered an outcast). Jeanne had mental conditioning applied to her by Balder's power, turning her against Bayonetta in order to awaken her memories. After their last battle, the conditioning apparently broke allowing Jeanne to come to her senses.

What is this Left Eye of the World Gem for? I mean Baldur doesn't need it for Jubileus.
The gems are just rocks meant to mislead. The entry on the "Eyes of the World" under Antonio's Notes has a picture of a gemstone 'claimed' to be part of a set named the Eyes of the World, but he goes on to say that no one really knows what they look like. The Cardinal Virtue, Sapientia, had said as much, calling Bayonetta's gem a "worthless rock", hinting only at the real Left Eye.

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Still have this for my Saturn. So much fun with co-op.

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29. Ice skating can be both a fun diversion and a deadly attack style
30. The angry spirit of a Vietnam vet can be used to blow away angels

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@vidiot said:
" @riffingt0n said:

" Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within  Such a shame to throw away all the charm the Sands of Time game brought to its storytelling. "

While were at it, can we nominate the recently announced Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands?
Not only is the series ditching the fantastic world they made last year, but were revisiting The Sands of Time Trilogy, a rare game trilogy that competently ended.
Not only that, but the game will be a side-story between Sands of Time and Warrior Within, finally giving us the untold story of how the franchise lost itself. 
I mean seriously, who want's to find out how the Prince became a swearing unlikable bastard for the following sequel? "
Funny how the game comes out in the same month that the movie is supposed to.
As for unnecessary sequels, another hit for Deus Ex 2. Two words: universal ammo.
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If you hit Freespace 2, be sure to download and install FS2 Open. It's an open source project that improves and enhances the original engine. Manages all of the settings for Freespace 2 from a handy, tabbed menu, and adds in plenty of graphical updates to make everything nice and pretty. Once you have it, you can load up a bevy of mods ranging from one based on Sci-Fi's gritty version of Battlestar Galactica (Beyond the Red Line) to...well...Wing Commander.
And here's more!

  • Privateer Gemini Gold - Based off of the Vega Strike engine and freely distributed, it's something more of a total conversion and it's a lot of fun. I played through the original Privateer, but this one really does it justice if even it is a little rough around the edges.
  • The Last Starfighter - Someone actually created the arcade game out of the movie of the same name. Getting my flightstick working with this was a little iffy, but if you're interested in trying this out for nostalgia's sake, here it is.
I just wish someone would remake Tie Fighter or X-Wing. But instead what do we get? Wing Commander for XBLA. Pfft.
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