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i have played through reach on heroic and found that quite hard. legendary is not quite the step up in difficulty i expected (or feared) but is damn hard nonetheless.

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for me definitely "The Package". After handing over the package and fighting 4 more Elites was just... bah... hard? 

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just finished it on heroic yesterday... man what a challange. There were times where i shouted at my tv "you must be joking", because sometimes they throw sooo much at you at once, you just want to crawl in a dark, warm hole and forget the game. But somehow you manage to succeed and go on and on ;-)
LOVED it, because of the challange. Nice change after so many games are MUCH too easy nowadays (my personal opinion).

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Gamertag: Durakh 
Giantbomb: Durakh 
Location: Germany 
I speak english as well as german (who would have guessed ;-)). So if anybody wants to hear good ol' german accent while playing, add me :-)

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definitely Castlevania HD... not good...

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i shouted BULLSHIT several times during the last bossfight in The Last Remnant... thought the Gates of Hell Boss leveled my Bullshit skala, i was wrong ;-)  
and... The first time i "thought" i played through Ghouls'n Ghosts on the original Genesis (Mega Drive in Germany) and i realized they wanted me to play through again to complete the game! This game cost me five controllers... uh    

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The very first Space Quest (inlcuding very sexy EGA-graphics and no mouse support) was my first ... damn i'm old...

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