Part 3 of An American Duder and British Duderette in Chicago!

About a month ago, I wrote two blogs about my first 4 weeks of my summer in Chicago with Wrighteous86, which you can find here and here. It was a very full vacation, so I've put the last 2 weeks in this blog to finish it out. Sorry it took so long, but I just started back up in college, so it's taken me a while to find the time!

Training Beluga Whales

I'm going to college at the moment to hopefully go on to study Zoology in University, and Wrighteous knows how much I love animals, so for our one-year anniversary he gave me a "Trainer For a Day" experience at the Shedd Aquarium. We got to dress up like the workers, go behind the scenes and see how they prepare food, clean and care for the animals, and all kinds of things like that. We got to ask our Zoologist a lot of questions to help my studies, and got some hands on experience with the animals. We went into a private area to see the newborn dolphin calf that was kept from the public and watch it nurse it's mother. Not only did we get to hang out in the Penguin exhibit, where they ran over our feet and nipped at our legs, but we got to train and play with a Beluga Whale calf!

 So amazing!
When we were petting the whale, Wrighteous said that it felt like a soggy, squishy, pillow and I have to agree. It was very smooth and soft, but very slick, when I stroked the whale, my imprint was left behind. It was the best gift I’ve ever been given! Afterwards, we got to roam about and see the exhibits from the public's side. All in all it was an amazing and very thoughtful anniversary present!

Man Vs Food

After the aquarium, I took Wrighteous to a place I had seen on Man Vs. Food: Lucky's Overstuffed Sandwiches. He just made it look so good on TV!
 The sandwiches certainly lived up to their name! I was disappointed though that most of the stuffing is just chips (fries) in the middle of your sandwich. Which made it hard to taste anything else, they weren’t great chips either. So now I know that next time I watch Man Vs Food, that all those orgasmic moans he makes over the food are faked!

In the end, I didn't quite finish. I got really close though! I think Wrighteous felt a bit sick trying to shove it all down, but in the end, he managed like a champion!
 Wrighteous wasn't quite sure he could do it.

The Magnificent Mile

Later that week, Wrighteous and I went to the Magnificent Mile, a street in Chicago with all of the really posh shops. We spent all day going in and out of clothes shops. I had lots of fun, though I don't think Wrighteous shared my enthusiasm!

To reward him for being a good boyfriend, I let him take me to Dave & Buster's for dinner and some games. We played a bit of everything, but it seems I have a knack for arcade games, as I won the Jackpot a few times on some of the spinning light games and got loads of tickets. Wrighteous wasn't quite as lucky on Deal or No Deal...
 So tired after all that winning!
Nearing the end of the night, I started to get pretty tired, so I cashed in all my tickets for a load of sweets, and a bobble-head of Alan from The Hangover. It turned out to be a successful night! It’s a good thing I don’t have an arcade near me, or my beginners luck might turn me into a gambler.
 I was very pleased with my prize!

The Lake House

 Wrighteous took a long weekend off work so we could go to his family's lake house at Apple Canyon Lake. The view from the house was gorgeous, and the lake was just down the hill from his back garden.
 Beautiful View!
 We were surrounded by woods, which was kinda scary, but it was also a lot of fun, because I got to drive his golf cart through the trails, where we saw loads of deer. We also spent a bit of time enjoying the water at the beach, though I was scared to go too deep as I can’t swim (had a bad experience as a child) and had to cling to Wrighteous.

Near the lake house is an old historical town called Galena, and we went up and down the roads checking out the antique shops and nice restaurants and food shops in the neighborhood. It was cool seeing what America looked like 100 years ago. It reminded me a bit of the town at the end of Red Dead Redemption actually.

Busting Myths

 Our trip was winding down, and I was getting ready to go home, but we had one last thing on our agenda: the Museum of Science and Industry. There was a Mythbusters exhibit going on: I looked for any sign of Will and Norm, but sadly they were nowhere to be found. 

I loved this museum. There were IMAX movies, and an amazing Weather exhibit full of hands on stuff to play with, and a machine that created it's own lightning above our heads! I was a bit partial to the Baby Chick Hatchery, though.

At the end of the day, we decided to pop in the MythBusters exhibit. It was fun trying out all the Myths they had there, like pulling a sheet off of a table without breaking dishes, and getting dressed as a superhero in a phone booth. The end of the exhibit had a live stage show to see if it was possible to dodge a bullet (though they replaced the bullet with a paintball). They needed volunteers, so Wrighteous, a girl, and myself were selected to test our reflexes. Wrighteous was too slow for me and the girl and had to sit back down, and in the end, my reflexes were the best; shows why I was so good in the arcade.
 Displaying my lightening fast reactions!
In the end, I was able to dodge the paintball when it was fired from a specific distance. It was a lot of fun getting to be a part of the show!

Wrapping Up

Those are just the highlights of the amazing time I had for my first visit to America. I was so sad that I had to leave the States and Wrighteous, but school was starting up soon. I had so much fun and I can't wait to come back! Wrighteous says we might go to San Francisco for a week next summer, maybe we'll even bump into Giant Bomb while we're there! This winter he'll be visiting me in the UK for a few weeks, and we'll be staying in Spain for a while during that time, and I already can't wait to see him again. I hope you enjoyed reading about my first trip to America, and seeing how well this Giant Bomb relationship is doing. I want to thank our fellow GBers that are, or have been in long distance relationships, for all their help and advice. Giant Bomb is a website about love. Thanks everyone!
 Thanks Giantbomb! From DuskVamp & Wrighteous86.

Part 2 of An American duder and British duderette in Chicago!

Deep Dish Pizza Edition

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the first 2 weeks of my summer in Chicago with Wrighteous86, which you can find here. We did so much over the 6 weeks that I thought it was best that I section things off a bit. So here is weeks 3 and 4.

The "British Pub"

Wrighteous had found a pub called “Elephant and Castle” downtown that we planned on visiting, so that I could see how a traditional British pub was conveyed in the US.
 No beer guts to be seen yet, not off to the best start.
The decor inside wasn’t too bad, more of a restaurant feel than a pub feel, and I realise that it’s supposed to be more of a novelty British pub than a realistic one. There were framed posters of famous British people all over the walls, including Margaret Thatcher...
 A favourite in Northern working mens clubs.

I ordered some Bangers and Mash and Wrighteous decided to try his first Yorkshire Pudding and I have to say that they were both quite nice, I wasn’t expecting the Yorkshire Pudding to be right, but I was pleasantly surprised. Wrighteous enjoyed it, but preferred my Bangers and Mash, even though they weren’t Heinz baked beans.

After we finished our lunch we passed by a “Tilted Kilt” and Wrighteous thought that it might be somewhere I’d like to check out... We went up the stairs just to poke our head in and have a look around and I’m no feminist, but that place really annoyed me. What about some topless guys wearing kilts, huh?

Art Institute

 After taking in all of culture at the Tilted Kilt, we decided we wanted more, so headed to the Art Institute where they were holding a Lichtenstein exhibition.
There was lots of amazing art there, so much that we didn’t get to see it all. I’m sad that we didn’t have enough time to see the Contemporary Art sections, as that is always a laugh. But we did get to see the Lichtenstein exhibit and I took far too many photos.
 My Ferris Bueller/Stewie moment.

Wrighteous was shocked and appalled that this painting made me think of Family Guy rather than Ferris Bueller, but in my defense, I hadn’t seen Ferris Bueller yet at this point.

Deep Dish Pizza

Some of you might have seen the Mailbag video of the Giordano’s deep dish pizza that we sent to the Giant Bomb guys, mainly Dave, Vinny and Drew, back in February, as a thank you. If not you can see it here. Though after watching the video, maybe we should have sent them a big box of dry ice instead, next time perhaps!

From the huge list of food that I had to try while in Chicago, deep dish pizza was the one that I was most looking forward to. I love pizza and I eat far too much “Chicago Town, Pizza” at home, so I was excited to try the real deal.
 I'm sure this is blasphemous to Chicagoans.
During my time there we had a sausage and pepperoni, cheese and veggie Giordano’s. It looked more like a quiche to me than a pizza, but I was looking forward to it. Two slices was enough to fill me up and I hate to say it, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I was hoping I would. Maybe it was the same problem that I had with GTA IV, I hyped it up too much, got too excited, saw photos and read raving reviews and in the end it didn’t live up to my expectations. It was my fault, not the pizzas, I’m sorry.
 Please let me come back, Chicago.

Brookfield Zoo

Being an animal lover and wanting to study Zoology in University, we of course had to visit one of Chicago’s Zoos. We had a choice between Brookfield and Lincoln, Wrighteous thought that Brookfield was the better of the two, so we decided to go there on one of the hottest days of the summer. It happened to be an enrichment day at Brookfield, so we got to see lions ripping into a cardboard zebra stuffed with meat, and a grizzly bear fashion his own sunglasses out of a cardboard box.
 Poor zebra.

 Finding ways to cool down on a very hot and sunny day.
We had a great time at Brookfield Zoo, where we got to pet stingrays which was a lot of fun. They felt so strange, rubbery, soft and rough at the same time, and they seemed to love being touched, constantly coming back around.

Downtown Beach

While Wrighteous was in work, a couple of his friends and I went to a small beach downtown, which I was not expecting to see in Chicago. 
 Always reapply sunscreen!
It was a nice sandy beach, that seemed out of place in the middle of a big city, though along the shore was around 6 feet of hard pebbles and rubbish, old plastic bags and used bandaids. By the time we got home I was red raw, and I’ve learned my lesson not to apply sunscreen only once and then fall asleep on the beach, especially during one of Chicago’s hottest summers for decades.

Blue Man Group

That weekend Wrighteous brought me to see the Blue Man Group. I remembered seeing them on TV years ago and thinking that it looked like a lot of fun, so I couldn’t wait!
 And I wasn’t disappointed. It really was an amazing show, if you ever get the chance to go see them, I highly recommend it! I wasn’t expecting them to be funny, I thought it was going to be more of a percussion and special effects show, but they really had me laughing, and at one point screaming...

During the end of the show, music played and giant air filled balls fell from the ceiling and everyone danced and jumped around trying to hit the balls, I was on the end of the row and too short to reach, but was trying my best to. Wrighteous turned and pointed behind me shouting “Look!”, I turned around eagerly expecting a giant ball to be near enough for me to hit and found stood staring at me a blue man. They are creepy the way they stare and I wasn’t expecting him to be in my face, so I think that my shriek was justified! I turned back to look at him again and he started to dance with me, so I boogied on down with a blue man.
 Don't look behind you!

Willis Tower Sky Deck

I’m not a fan of heights, so I was nervous when Wrighteous suggested that we go 103 floors up the tallest building in North America and stand on a piece of glass protruding 1,353 ft over the city, but I was game to give it a go.
 I'm not angry, it was sunny!
I was very tentative when taking my first steps out onto the glass, but when I was out there it felt quite exhilarating actually, I could have sat there and looked out over the city all day. I even dared Wrighteous to do some pushups on the platform. 
 Show off!

Taste of Chicago

Last but not least we ended week 4 with the Taste of Chicago. I love food so I was really looking forward to it, it was a bit expensive but most of the food was delicious. We tried some Ricobene’s breaded steak, Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza, Billy Goats Tavern cheeseburgers, BBQ pulled pork, Irish egg rolls, chocolate bananas, coconut ice, Rainbow cones, Churro’s, sweet potato fries, Chicago style fries and Polish pierogis off the top of my head. My favourites being the BBQ pulled pork sandwich, sweet potato fries and coconut ice, they were amazing! 

In Conclusion

It was another amazing and fun packed 2 weeks, thanks for reading my blog if you did, I hope you enjoyed it! Some time next week or so I’ll try post the final 2 weeks of our time together. It will include beluga whales, Man Vs Food challenges, Museum of Science and Industry, kart racing, Field Museum, winning big in the arcade, lake house fun and me on stage at a Myth Busters exhibit trying to dodge a paintball!
 It was a sweaty two weeks!

An American duder and British duderette in Chicago! Part 1.

Some of you may remember my blog earlier in the year, when fellow GB user Wrighteous86 came to visit me in the UK. Well this summer was our 1 year anniversary and I was lucky enough to spend 6 whole weeks with him in sweltering Chicago, because of this I haven't posted at all in the forums in the last couple months. We have Giant Bomb to thank for our relationship, so I’d like to share our continuing story here with it’s amazing community. Here is just the first 2 weeks!

We planned for a long time for this trip, we weren’t going to miss out anything. Our schedule was so jam packed, it blew Ferris Bueller out of the water.

Step aside Ferris.

The Beginning

The weekend I arrived we were guests at Wrighteous’ old college roommates wedding, where we bumped into an old friend of Giant Bomb...


Followed by an amazing tour around the city on Segways. I was nervous at first, but they are so fun and effortless to ride and it was a great way to see the city. If you ever get the chance, I definitely recommend giving it a go!

I want one!

During the week I went to the legendary Wrigley Field with one of Wrighteous’ friends to watch the Cubs play against the New York Mets. It was my first ever Baseball experience, and I enjoyed the hotdogs and the atmosphere, but I must have been bad luck as the Cubs lost 17-1!

After the game, Wrighteous and I were lucky enough to join his friend on her boat to watch the fireworks at Navy Pier from Lake Michigan.

Also on our schedule was Navy Pier. There wasn’t as much to do as we were expecting, apart from the ferris wheel and a boat tour that we had previously booked. If there is anything we missed, apart from the small shop stalls and restaurants, we’d love to know for next time.

That evening we went to watch Cirque Shanghai. It was a brilliant show and amazing to see what they can do. There were many hold your breath and wow moments. Women balancing on a leaning tower of chairs, whilst in a hand stand. 5 people on motorbikes driving inside a metal ball all at the same time!

Crazy stunts!

The day following Navy Pier and Cirque Shanghai we went to see a show at The Second City, where many famous comedians first started.

The show had a slow start, but by the end of it our stomachs hurt from laughing. During one scene, 2 women from the show were playing 2 old ladies watching a Movie in the Park, setting up their garden chairs and talking to the audience sat in the front row. Wrighteous and I were directly in front of them and hilariously (though embarrassingly for Wrighteous) put him on the spot for me not having an engagement ring yet.


With Chicago having a lot of famous food places, often mentioned on the Bombcast, Wrighteous and I had a huge list of places to go eat. During the first 2 weeks we had Portillos and Maxwell Street Polish.


Ever since hearing them talk about Portillos Italian Beef on the Bombcast the week before, I just had to try one! And it was delicious.

4th July

On the 4th of July we decided to invite Wrighteous’ family over and cook Dave’s famous Chili. It’s lucky I was there as Wrighteous thought that 1 whole bulb of garlic was 1 clove, and with there being 3 cloves in the recipe, it would have been an extremely garlicky chili! But Dave’s chili was a hit with all of Wrighteous’ friends and family, many saying that it was genuinely the best chili that they had ever tasted!

Representing Giant Bomb!

That night we went to the Hancock Observatory downtown to watch the 4th July fireworks. It was really amazing to see them while looking over the whole city, there were fireworks as far as you could see.

Happy 4th July.

Well that was our first 2 weeks in Chicago, if you’ve gotten this far, I hope you enjoyed reading about it and looking at our pictures. We had an amazing time! If anyone is interested I’ll be blogging about the rest of the summer soon. Thanks for the taking the time to read my blog :)

If anyone has anyone questions, feel free to ask!


The tale of an American duder and a British duderess. Part 2

Carrying on from Part 1, which you can find here.


We drove down to London, left my car and our extra luggage at my brothers and took the tube into the center, where our hotel was. My friend bought me an app for the tube as a gift, which was a god send. We would have never been able to navigate the underground by ourselves without it.

Our hotel was 4 stars, looked fancy and was right next to Hyde Park... our room was half the size of my, already small bedroom. Small double was shoved into the corner of the room next to the window, with about a foot of space at one side and the end of the bed. I guess you can't expect too much for the center of London, but it was liveable.

We had a lot of plans crammed into our 2 days in London. Unfortunately missing out some things, like the Science and Natural History museums, but we've planned to go to them next time.

On the first day, we took the underground to the South Bank and explored a bit before going on the London Eye after sunset and after the groups of annoying school kids had gone. I'm quite afraid of heights, but I loved it on The Eye. London looks so gorgeous at night, all lit up.

Much prettier and quieter at night.

After The Eye, we explored some more, finding a small games arcade, where we found Dance Dance Revolutions most dedicated fan. Then eating at Wagamamas, which was delicious.

Dripping with sweat, his feet were a blur.

The next day we got up early after a couple hours sleep, to try get as much done as we could and headed to the London Dungeons. We weren't expecting it to be scary, but we weren't expecting to be surrounded by about 2 groups of school girls screaming constantly at things that weren't even supposed to be scary. So we spent most of the tour looking at each other annoyed that they wouldn't shut up. During the tour I was picked out of the crowd to get up and be “trialled” and had everyone sent to the gallows for being Welsh.

After the Dungeons, we had a walk around the area and found an open market called the Borough Market, practically having a free lunch by walking around having samples from most of the stalls. But a fish and chip shop caught our eye, as that was another British dish that he had to try. We both aren't fans of fish, but we got the cod and was enjoying it until he noticed some fish skin and was put off. So fish and chips weren't as much as a success as the Full English.

All was going well until Wrighteous saw some fish skin, sending him running.

We took the tube back to the South Bank and went to the Sea Life Aquarium. They had a new penguin exhibit that we were really excited to see. We had a great time in the aquarium and bought tickets for a behind the scenes tour, it was just the 2 of us on the tour and we were hoping to get more up close with the animals. Unfortunately it was more a tour of the filtering systems and where they store the animals food.

Shark photobomb.

After walking around, taking in the sites, we followed some street signs to the Tate Art Museum, had fun laughing at the contemporary section and got some dirty looks from the artsy people for not fully realising the brilliance of a glass of water on a shelf. We met up with a friend of mine that now lived in London and looked for somewhere to eat, but all that was on my mind were the Chicken Gyoza side dish that we ate the night before at Wagamamas. This time I'd be getting a plate of them for myself, they were so good.


We had planned to take our luggage around London with us the next day so that we could explore some more. But quickly realised that that would be an absolute nightmare, so instead we checked out and drove to Wiltshire, to our next hotel.

Longleat Safari Park - Wiltshire.

All the travelling was stressful and exhausting, so we took the rest of the day to just relax and laze around in our room. We tried hooking up the xbox, but the hotel had locked their TVs, so we couldn't, annoyingly.

On the Sunday we got up early and drove to Longleat Safari Park. I'm a big animal lover, so had always wanted to go there. Unfortunately because of the snow, a lot of the animals were kept indoors. But the monkeys and the big cats were still out, which is what we were looking forward to most. As soon as we entered the “Monkey Drive Thru”, they had jumped up on our car. Riding the wing mirrors and tearing bits off my radio aerial. Nothing too damaging luckily.

Monkeying around.

Out of the big cats, we saw the tigers first. I love tigers, so it was amazing to see them so close. The cars had queued up a bit by the time we got to the lions, but it was a big pride and the cubs were adorable, chasing each other and jumping on the lionesses.

We also drove through the wolves area, and had a wolf walking along side our car as we drove.

It ended with a bird show, with owls and vultures flying over the crowds heads, one man being swept by a vultures wing. It really is a great place that we're hopefully going to visit again one summer, when all the animals will be out.

Wrighteous got a bit spooked.

Our last couple days together.

For the last 2 days we drove back to my house in Wales, but stayed in a hotel. I had fun showing him around where I live and where I went to school.

The last day was Valentines day, and we had the most amazing day. It was so hard having to get up at 6am the next morning for him to leave. But it was an amazing and perfect night to end our holiday.

We caught the train to London, so that we could talk properly the way there instead of me driving. But ended up sleeping most of the way.

The airport was heartbreaking, it was the worst feeling. We had an amazing time and neither of us wanted it to end. I couldn't look back as I walked away, I knew it would be too hard. On the tube back, I was sat directly opposite a loved up, kissy couple. I cried the whole way and I knew people on the tube were looking at me. I exchanged at Paddington to catch my train home, playing some games on my DS to try and take my mind off things, but every time I stopped playing I'd start crying again. Getting in the car at the train station back home was the hardest of the journey back, I'd been so used to him sitting next to me and now it was empty.

As soon as I got home, I was straight on my computer looking at plane tickets to Chicago. It's been so hard not to just buy them straight away. But I need to save up.

The plan for me, is to go to Chicago in June for 5 or 6 weeks, and I can't wait :)


Thank you Giant Bomb.

Thanks to everyone that has read our story and been really supportive, this really is a great community! I can't say how nervous I was at first, posting our story, thinking we might be made fun of. But everyone has been really sweet, so thank you :)


The tale of an American duder and a British... duderette? Part 1

A tale that started on Giant Bomb nearly 1 year ago that turned into the best 2 week vacation of our lives.

A vacation of discovering British food, prehistoric monuments, scary Indian restaurants, lots of tourist attractions and of course, plenty of rain and snow.

Where it all started.

I've been coming to Giant Bomb for over a year now. I started as a lingerer, just watching quick looks and reviews until making an account, and then lingered some more until ever writing in the forums.

As I'm sure is the case with a lot of you guys, most of my friends didn't play games. So I got all of my game news and chat online.

In most of the threads that I looked at and were interested in, one user always stood out to me and I always liked reading what he had to say on things. He quickly became the first user that I ever followed.

We didn't talk much initially, until I asked him for some advice on a creeper. After that we ended up PMing back and forth every day for weeks, turning our correspondence into essay long responses. After a few months of this we started talking through IM, eventually adding each other on Xbox Live and playing games like Red Dead Redemption, Halo, Call of Duty, Portal 2, Saints Row 2 and Borderlands together, among others. This again carried on for a bit until we started talking on Skype, at first just voice chatting and then video. We would talk for 8 hours straight, a lot of the time even longer, most days of the week, but it wouldn't feel like we were talking for that long.

Our Saints Row 2 experience wasn't glitch free.

After months of this it was obvious to both of us that we wanted to be more than just friends. It's not something that either of us came to Giant Bomb or the internet looking for. We've both had “real” relationships in the past and weren't lonely and desperate for anything we could get. Which is how “internet relationships” are usually portrayed and thought of. We knew it would be difficult. He lived in Chicago and I lived in Wales. But plans were then made for him to come to the UK and for us to meet face to face. We had to see if we still felt as strongly about each other in person as we did talking online. We decided on February, and it was the most nerve wracking thing in my life leading up to it.

Our first meeting.

He was arriving at Heathrow, so I drove down to London the night before and stayed with my brother and his family. I had that weeks Bombcast to keep me company for the drive, but I was so nervous that I missed everything that was said and has since had to listen to it again. It was my first time on the tube and I was going by myself, which is scary in itself. I got to the international arrivals gate and stood next to all the suited men holding name cards and thought that I should have brought one myself for a joke. My stomach was turning and I was texting my friends and brother to try calm my nerves. I eventually went to sit down, but as I did I saw him walking down, looking around for me through the crowd. I walked over to him, thinking how much taller he was, me being 5”2 and him 6”2. Gave him a kiss and a big hug. It was all feeling very surreal.

My brother text me saying that he couldn't get off work early, so wanted us to stay the night at his before driving back to Wales, so that he could give him the big brother talk. This didn't help calm his nerves. He's just flown 8 hours across the world, met me for the first time and now my brother wanted to interrogate him straight away. We got back to my brothers, watched some TV and waited for him to get home.

My brother can be very protective.

When my brother got back we ordered a curry and he said that he wanted to take him to go pick it up and pick up a mattress from his mother-in-laws. They were gone for around an hour and a half. It was obviously him wanting to interrogate him. Thankfully it all went well. He had the seal of approval from my brother and my sister-in-law.

I realise I'm getting far too in-depth so I'll try to cut out all the in betweens.

The real start to the vacation.

We spent 2 nights at my mums house in a snowy and rainy Wales. Not the nicest welcome to the UK. Then drove down to our hotel in Bradford on Avon. We were told we had a free upgrade to a deluxe room with free breakfast, so we were very happy. We had brought my Xbox with us, naturally, so straight away connected it up and played some Rayman Origins. That night we drove down to Bournemouth to see stand up comedian Omid Djalili, who some of you might know as Yusuf Amir in GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony. He was hilarious, one of the best stand ups I've seen. We started our drive back at around 11pm, it was a 2 hour drive through pitch black country roads, covered in thick fog. It wasn't the most relaxing drive.

We stayed in Bradford on Avon for 4 nights, walking around the town center and visiting Bath which was near by. One day we drove down to Stonehenge. It was amazing to see, but so bloody freezing in the middle of that field! Playing games and watching DVD's like Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. Whilst there, he tried his first ever Full English Breakfast. It was a delicious one too, so I knew he must like it. I was trying to dispel the stereotype of the UK having terrible food. Thankfully he agreed that it was delicious... unless he was just being polite.. though how could he not think that, Full English Breakfasts are amazing!

Me, taking it all in.
A delicious way to start the morning.

The Scary Indian Restaurant.

We had trouble finding places to eat near our hotel. We were walking past an Indian restaurant on our way home from the town center that we weren't sure was open or not. It was empty so we just poked our head in to see. Straight away the owner came over and took our coats, so we felt kind of obligated to stay. As he took mine he smiled and said “We don't get much service in here”...

He sat us down right in front of the window at the front of the restaurant, trying to entice people in we thought. He brought us our drinks and some popadoms as a starter. I was facing the door and noticed the owner walking out 3 or 4 times with a big cooler box and returning 5 or 10 minutes later. The kitchen staff were lingering around, looking round the corner at us. A hooded man walked out from the kitchen, staring at the floor as he walked past us and came back with a plastic bag containing food. We started worrying about where our food had come from, I was getting a bit paranoid, not wanting to eat it, especially it being chicken. Near the end of our meal the phone started ringing. The owner answered and started arguing with the caller saying things like “No, not one person! I don't owe anyone money!” We kept looking at each other awkwardly, whispering that we'll just ask for the rest to be bagged up so we could leave. The owner, still arguing, started saying “Don't threaten me, Justin!”. As soon as he was finished arguing, we called him over, said it was delicious and asked if we could leave.

Where did it come from??

Sorry this was such a long blog, but I thought it might be interesting to share our story on the website that we met on. Thanks for taking the time to read it, if you did. There's more to our story, I might blog about the rest of our vacation if anyone is interested at all. Thanks :)


Birthday Celebrations, or lack of..

So it's my birthday today. Happy Birthday to me! It's been a pretty dull one so far, slept for most of the day and did some painting around the house. Just waiting for my boyfriend to get home.

I miss how exciting birthdays used to be, bags of presents and having all my friends round my house to have fun. I've never had big family celebrations as only my mum and brother live anywhere near me, and now all my friends have left for university I'm the only one left in my town.

I am going for a meal with my mum and brother tomorrow which should be nice. But I'm most looking forward to seeing Jason Manford on tour with them and then seeing Stephen Merchant the very next day with some friends that are coming down to visit. Thats not until next month though...

Long story short. What's the best/worst birthday you've had so far? Or what would you love to do for your birthday one year?


The minor bump and the idiot trying to claim compensation.

So after an evening shift at work just over 2 weeks ago, I had a very small bump with another guy finishing work from the store next door. As I was pulling out, I'm sure I looked left and right, it's so natural you don't even think about it and the next thing I knew I saw a blur of blue and heard a thud. We both pulled over and got out. He said that it was alright because there wasn't even any damage, and I stupidly pointed out what I saw and asked "What about that?"... We exchanged details and he said that it was so small that his dad should be able to just sort it out.  
A couple weeks go by and I don't hear anything so assume that he didn't put in a claim. I then get an email from my insurance saying that he has taken out a claim for his car and a personal injury claim for whiplash. I rang him to ask if we can just sort it out between us, since the excess I would have to pay would be 10x the cost of just fixing the tiny bump. But no, he can't back out now, because he's hired a solicitor... 
I'm fed up of people these days always trying to make a quick buck through injury lawyers. Like you can get whiplash from a low speed bump in a car park. 
Someone reversed into my car in a car park once, the damage was worse than the damage I caused to this guys car and I didn't bother claiming. Maybe I should have.. 
Anyone else had any minor or major accidents on the roads?