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@gruebacca: According to those stats, the area we're in should be fine. We definitely won't be going anywhere late at night.

@i_stay_puft: I wish that all gangs were just like that, then they'd be adorable.

@darkstorn: If you look on the map, we are technically in the East, is that not the area you mean though? I hope not.

@humanity: Thank you for the encouraging words...

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@slag: Neither of us are really sports fans, so games like that shouldn't be a problem for us. So far we're not planning on spending any time in Oakland, every morning just driving down to SF and back in the evening. Wrighteous is really nervous about it being a dangerous drive though, and hopefully we'll be okay parking during the day I don't think I'd ever trust a valet. We decided to go ahead and book that cottage, it's in the hills and has had a lot of great reviews so I'm hoping we made the right decision!

@raven10: Thank you for your advice. I'm planning on moving to Chicago next summer, last time I visited there was only one time where I felt unsafe so I'm hoping that I'll feel safe the majority of the time.

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@rorie said:
@mcghee said:

The vast majority of gun violence is from gangs. You don't really have anything to worry about . . . unless you randomly stumble into a gang war.

Unfortunately the new thing in the Bay Area is for people to walk up to someone, ask "You in a gang?" and then shoot them before they can even respond. That might be more of a SF thing, though.

Hopefully I don't look like I'd be part of a gang... What colours should I avoid wearing?

@mcghee said:

The vast majority of gun violence is from gangs. You don't really have anything to worry about . . . unless you randomly stumble into a gang war.

Knowing me I would, it would be like a scene from Bridget Jones's Diary. (Not that I've seen it, but that's the impression I get)

@angouri said:

Yeah, just don't walk alone and in places that look even remotely shady. It has a decent nightlife too for those stuck in the East Bay. Also, get used to seeing the droves of homeless that occupy the Bay area; freaked me out when I first moved here.

I was shocked by the amount of homeless people I saw in Chicago!

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Thanks to everyone for your advice. I checked out the crime rates and they don't look worrying in that area *touch wood*. From Google Street view it looks like a quiet cul-de-sac. We'll just be sure not to drive around downtown late at night and keep the doors locked.

@i_stay_puft: The thought of guns terrifies me. I'm sure they scare everyone, but being a quiet, little Brit that's never heard a real gun shot I'd probably hide under the bed for the whole trip if I heard some. First thing my mum told me when I said I was going to the US was "Be careful! They have guns there!!"

It's a cute little cottage though, and the reviews look really promising, so we are going to book it.

Thanks again everyone for your advice!

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Hi, as some of you may have seen in my recent post @wrighteous86 and I are going on a road trip to San Francisco this summer. Prices in SF are a bit above our budget, so we've been looking through Air BnB and found a nice looking cottage around Oakland.

I've never heard anything about Oakland myself, but @wrighteous86 is a bit apprehensive as he's heard it's a dangerous area. From the reviews it seems like this cottage is in a nicer part of Oakland, but I wanted to be sure before we booked anything

"A" is where it's located, so does anyone have any idea if this is a safe area or not? Places are selling out fast, so we wanna get it booked as soon as! Also, would it be dangerous to drive to and from SF from here?

Thanks for your help!

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@robinson: I'm not too sure about driving up any mountains, we drove up one in Spain and there were flowers and gravestones along the edge all the way up, cars overtaking you round blind corners. I don't think I blinked the whole way, my hands were practically welded to the steering wheel!

@theveteran13: We'll be keeping that in mind, thank you!

@aurahack: No, that's a great idea, thank you :)

@blackout62: That looks gorgeous, I'm a big nature fan so somewhere like that I'd love to go trekking through! So we're definitely going to try and make our way to somewhere like Yosemite, Rocky Mountains or Zion!

@subjugation: It wouldn't be our first fight ever! But it is something I was initially worried about, long distance travel can make some people crabby, but you never know it might make us stronger! Over the summer there might be a slight one, but then we also have the opportunity to record together whilst in the same room which will hopefully make things better! Thanks a lot for your support of our podcast! :)

@tycobb: Really?? But it looks so pretty! I'll stick some aromatherapy oils in my bag to sniff while we walk around, thanks!

Thanks everyone for your advice! It's all been taken on board and maybe I'll write a blog this summer about how the road trip went!

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@angre_leperkan439: We'll definitely pack a big cooler box of food and drink, @wrighteous86 isn't one for packing a lunch... always buying lunch in work instead of taking my advice and making his own sandwiches, but I'm super thrifty like that! I am worried that we'll plan to see all these cool places, arrive and just wanna have a nap in the car instead, so we'll have to pack plenty of ice coffee, too!

@ubersmake: That's a great idea actually, it's not something that crossed my mind, thanks!

@rorie: Aww Rorie, I've missed you duder! Great to see you back! Thank you for your advice, we'll definitely pack an emergency kit. All that travel might make me grouchy so @wrighteous86 will be relieved to have some rubbing alcohol and plasters... band aids? If I have an outburst! Any tips on where to visit in SF would be great, we're planning on spending most of our time there over the 2 weeks.

@slag: We were planning on hiring a car, but it's far too expensive so we'll be sure to have @wrighteous86's car checked over before we head off. Don't scare me with the idea of tornados! That thought didn't even cross my mind!

We'll be borrowing his dad's DSLR hopefully, we've already been to all these gorgeous places and all our photos have been taken on an iPhone :( I really want to be able to document this trip with lots of, hopefully, gorgeous photo's!

According to @wrighteous86 Denver is a bit out of our way sadly. Las Vegas is somewhere I'd be interested in seeing. I'm not really the type into big OTT glitz and glamour, so it was never somewhere I'd been interested in holidaying to, but I'd like to experience it, if somewhat briefly. And Mexican food, yes! I will definitely have to try it down there! You've given us so much advice, thank you so much, it's all appreciated!

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So this summer I'll be spending two months in the US with @wrighteous86 in Chicago!

Since I'm there for a while we thought we'd make the most of it and visit SF. At first we thought we'd fly out and spend a week there, then we thought, why not make it a road trip? I didn't think a week would really be long enough to be able to stop along the way and not feel too rushed and have a good time, so we're making it two weeks.

Has anyone ever taken part in a big road trip like this that could give us some advice? Any advice on how we should plan our route or places to see along the way?


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@duskvamp: I think that's limited to the UK (based on all of the BBC podcasts) but still pretty cool! That's what you guys call "lush"... right? Right?

Not exactly, that's not really the right use of the slang "lush" and I never use it in that sense. You've been watching too much of "The Valley's".

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I was just informed by a friend that our podcast is being featured on iTunes "New and Noteworthy" page, crazy!

Look's like we're in good company with Comic Vine and Scoops Interview Dumptruck!