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I get no gratification based on the fact that the characters I'm killing in a game are men. If you're implying that men getting a sense of gratification from killing women in games is a cause for concern, as they might then feel desensitised about abuse against women in real life, I don't think that's a worry. I understand that some men might feel uncomfortable, depending on the scenario, for instance a torture scene.

But like @Brodehouse mentioned, nameless, cloned female npc's in a shooter shouldn't be any different. I'd like the opportunity to play a female soldier, it's something that I have noticed in past war games, while I know that the ratio of men to women in the army is vast, there are still strong women in the army and I think they should be represented.

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@humanity said:

@duskvamp: How can he put you down for playing Facebook games and not even own a proper pair of gaming headphones! The wedding is OFF!!

Hey, I'm a console gamer! I... never really saw the point. But I'll definitely figure something out when we do this again.

I bought mine mainly to use on the Xbox, so no excuses!

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@humanity: After we finished recording, I did think back and thought we were harsh on that guy and I was worried that people would be annoyed about that. I think our problem was not reading through them before recording and thinking what to say about it. Our reactions were our first initial reaction without putting too much thought behind what that person must have been feeling. One of my biggest pet peeves is teenagers and young adults on Facebook posting status updates everyday about "being in love" and then a week later hating their guts and "All men are jerks", I took that out on him when I shouldn't have. It's something we will both definitely work on, we've said that next time we'll read through them and make notes about what to say properly, instead of off the top of our heads. I hope that it doesn't put anyone off writing to us.

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@super2j: We actually have thought of having guest speakers, so it's something we'll look into.

@jams: Thank you :) I've always worried I sound like a child and really nervous. I have a lot of trouble articulating my thoughts, that's why I "ummm" and pause all the time. Hopefully this will help with that and I'll find it easier in future.

@humanity: We were going back and forth over using our real names or not, I just thought people would know him as Wrighteous, but next time we'll probably use our real names. Yeah we need to get him a better mic, thank my Turtle Beaches for that.

@super2j: It was first time jitters, sorry. I can't promise I won't keep giggling, it's my nervous reaction, but I'll try work on it.

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@supercycle: Well girls that are friends are usually close, I haven't played the game yet but it looks like both have gone through a big trauma together so I'd expect anyone to be close in that situation. Not that it matters.

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"The uploader has not made this video available in your country" :(

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I never buy anything at launch, I like to wait and see what people think of it first, see if it has any issues and wait for a revision to fix any little niggles. Also a price drop and more games.

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And now I just feel old and lonely.

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Pulp or no pulp, I'm not too bothered. But if I were to choose, I'd always buy with pulp.

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@TooWalrus said:

Cat owner's houses stink like cat piss, even if they're used to it and don't notice it anymore, having an animal shit inside your house is still really fucking gross.

WHich is why you have an outhouse, right? You never shit in your house I'm sure.

I don't let my feces sit around in a plastic box for a week.

Well my cat goes outside to do his business, so my house doesn't smell. I'd rather that than pick up warm steaming poo in a thin bag and carry it round with me when I go for a walk. Plus my boyfriends, room mate's dog has been pooping in the house lately, removes the trash from the bin and barks and whines constantly. Plus dogs stink, poo or no poo.