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DS9 starts off slow, but gets good as you progress...especially after they acquire the Defiant. And the later seasons are amazing...no Trek series has done a full-scale war the way DS9 did.

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An action-oriented MMO...you'd probably like TERA. I haven't played it myself due to access restrictions for my region, but those who love it seem to tout this one aspect.

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@simplexity: High parental expectations can cripple a child mentally, especially if he/she is more of the sensitive or insecure type.

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@benpicko: Loved Pacific Rim. And I gotta agree...the moments of comic relief were needed and compensated for some of the awful dialogue.

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I used to feel sad during certain movies as a kid. These days, I tend to stay away from movies that are overly sad or sentimental. They're just not my thing anymore. I'm generally a sci-fi/fantasy/comedy/horror kinda guy.

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Diablo 3's a good game. Problem is, people expect a lot from Blizzard due to their financial resources and fan base. In my opinion, the game could have been bigger and a lot better. I wouldn't even consider it for GotY. Far Cry 3 is my personal pick for that distinction.

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Hate subtitles. Spend more time reading and less focused on the visuals. Prefer dubbed. Besides, I think they do a good job.

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You're not feeling Halo 4? I didn't even feel Halo 3, and that was my first Halo. In their quick look of Halo 4, Brad and Jeff pretty much came to a consensus that 343 is playing it safe since this is their first attempt at a Halo game and they don't want to screw it up.

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I have an Indian friend who got a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering in India. Moved to Australia to do something computer related in college. Met his wife there too. He then managed to get into Carnegie Melon University in the U.S. to get a Master's Degree in Information Security Technology. He now works for PwC in California, has a kid, and seems to be doing pretty well. He's probably been in Cali for about 3 or 4 years now.

On an unrelated note...I have a cousin who had absolutely no aptitude for Math or Science. He wanted to do History. People told him that all the best careers were in medicine or technical fields, and that getting a degree in something like History was pointless. He worked hard, finished undergrad, got a Master's, and is now doing his PhD while getting paid as a Teaching Assistant in one of the top universities in Canada. And he's only 22.

I guess the lesson is...it doesn't matter what career you go for. If you work really hard, manage to get into the best universities, and go for something higher than a Bachelor's degree, you can land a decent job.

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The only PETA worth a damn comes in bread form. Preferably with chicken in the middle.