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So it just occurred to me that I had Ryan's Mii in my 3DS from when I was at PAX Prime last year. I'm guessing I picked it up via StreetPass when I was at Giant Bomb's panel. Is it a weird thing to say that I'm glad I got a little reminder of Taswell on my 3DS? #RIPRyan

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So I suffer from this as well. Been sleeping with a CPAP machine for a couple years now. While losing weight is probably the best solution, the CPAP will at least make it so you can get enough good sleep so you're not falling asleep during the day. I have had a couple nights where my mask gets knocked out of wack and I'll stop breathing. Usually wake up with a really bad headache from the lack of oxygen. It's very possible that between the hot weather and the newness of wearing a mask something might have happened while he was asleep. I don't know....

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There I am!! I was happy that I was able to beat Find Mii during the Saturday Night Concert. Got to the end credits, then reset it again so I could keep earning hats. I was also able to complete 8 Puzzle Swap panels. I wish I lived in an area where I could do this more often. I ended up getting about 248 total StreetPasses during my whole trip to PAX. Oh and I thought it was really cool that I ended up getting three tags from places that don't have maps - Ireland, Haiti, and Montserrat.

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Subject says it all. I have both systems. Arcade stick for the 360, but it's a 6-button one for Capcom games. Don't know if that matters, I think the button layout for DoA games is different. I just don't want to buy one version and find out that I should have bought the other.

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You know. I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't a long time coming since the fallout at IW after MW2 launched.

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So I think the failure of TM:B had more to do with franchise fatigue and not the T Rating. Five games in the span of 6 years is way too much. It's been 10 years since the last home console Twisted Metal game, so I think it's time.

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You know what Activision?  Fuck you.... FUCK... YOU! 
Been a fan of these guys since Metropolis Street Racer on the Dreamcast.  I want Bobby Koteck's head on a pike for this!

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@DemiGodRaven said:
" Whiteout won the Dewmocracy thing so you can still buy it. It's their new flavor to go alongside Voltage.   I still preferred Typhoon. "
I liked Typhoon better too.  Fuck this   DEWmocracy bullshit.  Every time they do it, the people pick the worst flavors.
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I'm will be attending PAX and I will be at the Bombcast!  Can't fraking wait.

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