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GT: DutchBear10

time-zone: US EST

Games: (soon to be) AC4, Dead Rising 3,... other things and such.

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Not a fan of the way that Fish handled the situation. He's a great game designer, but perhaps keeping his cool is not one of his strong suits.

Annoying Gamer dude seems like an ass. Anybody that describes themselves as an asshole I do not want any part of. From what I read in the article it seems like he wants to be shocking and controversial just for the attention of it. And he seems super clever and original with putting BlowFish together (slow clap).

I hope that Patrick is right. I hope Phil puts out Fez II, because I love Fez. I will not be brokenhearted about it if he doesn't though. Plenty of great "Indie" development going on out there.

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The caption under the picture is the best part of this article.

Thank you @rorie

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Love you Ryan. Trying hard to not cry at my desk right now. Never met him, but listened to his voice every week.

Really hope the rest of the guys are making it through this tough time. Also cannot fathom what his wife is going through at this moment. Hopefully she is able to find comfort somewhere.

Cheers Ryan. May your soul be swirling up in the cosmos my friend.

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The general public still does not have the ability to talk to their devices to make all the entertainment happen. If Microsoft can make the Kinect actually function as they want it, I think that is a big deal.

As a gamer, I feel your pain. Hopefully some cooler things will come out of E3.

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I'm sure that eventually I will have both consoles, because I am an adult and can waste my money as I wish. However, if the XBOX 1 can really do all that Minority-Report-Space-Odyssey lookin' stuff in a functional fashion I would really like to have it at the center of my home entertainment... center.

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@alex Love this article. Great commentary. I think that I am so in love with this game it is hard for me to try and poke holes in it myself.

I am currently on my second run through of the game and I'm trying to pick up everything to flesh out the world a little more. I'm hoping that they will use DLC to explore more of the characters that they glossed over in the game.

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WAIT A MINUTE!!! They're making a sequel to that awesome video game trailer?

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Where is Ghost Stories More? #TeamBrad

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I will buy a new PC before I play this game. I watched the quick look and it seems that the consoles don't do it justice. So time to start saving money.

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