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Great post, sincere and to the point. unfortunately this is part of our life on this planet. Keep on keeping on man.

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If only it was a good controller. Ill be sticking with 360 controller...

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Happy for you Vinny that you will be able to live where your family is.. but will miss you greatly from the podcast :(

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I am a Russian, both of my grandmothers were from Ukraine, but then the whole Bolshevik Revolution happened and they had to walk from Europe to Siberia (took years of walking and walking).... just because they were educated and had money.

I play DOTA 2 a decent amount and there are Ukrainians on all the time, I run into one at least every day (and this is on US West server). So they are doing OK (as far as the gaming scene is concerned).

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Looks like Skullcandy SLYR is a good choice for me. Anyone any experience with those? Anything you dont like/like?

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My top 3 categories are:

1) Comfortable (not feeling like ears are falling off after and hour or two).

2) Good sound (no crackling, no underwater sound, just a good mix of bass/trebble etc).

3) Good mic (Dont want the people listening to me hearing static, pops etc...)

Other than those 3 I dont care about brand or anything like that.

Wireless would be a plus but not necessary.

USB would be a plus but not necessary.

5.1 would be a plus but not necessary as long as Stereo sound is good.

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@oldguy: I probably wouldnt want to drop more than $100 on them. Stereo is ok, 5.1 would be cool but would have to be USB no 3.5mm.

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Hey guys, I am looking to replace my old PC headset (with mic). Im looking at both wired and wireless options. Wireless is preferred, but Im afraid may be cost prohibitive.


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Love my 3DS, I find it a better device with a better library than the DS (lite). However, they kind of dug their own grave with Wii U.

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With games like Cities XL around, there should be no reason for anyone to play Sim City anymore. Sim City when compared to Cities XL is like a very limited and crappy port to an inferior platform. There is literally nothing that Sim City does that comes even close to quality of the game/mechanics in Cities XL.