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Did you guys really need to get into this? This only adds you into the equation, i was happily avoiding all of this GamerGate bullshit, but now you brought it to GiantBomb. Just let kids burn their paper-shit-bags, dont lure them here....

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@theterriblefamiliar: Why not just play it on a Wii or Doplphin in 1080p? And save yourself 200$ + 40$ for the game?

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@andrewb: Most people upgraded to XL when that came out, and a lot of people have gotten their 3DS's and XLs once it made sense to do so (a year or two into its life) when game library actually made it worth it. I personally have had the 3DS XL for a year and a half, and it will be probably close to 3 years of ownership by the time this new one comes to NA. However I am still unhappy about this. I think its stupid for them to fragment their audience, and even though money isnt a problem, I am not going to be buying this just based on principle, its a mediocre upgrade, Ill hold off for 4DS or knowing nintendo the "new, new, new 3DS" which will be backwards compatible with all this nonsense just like 3DS is compatible with DSi

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So if I subscribe for 35$ on PAX Sale, will next year's renewal going to be full price?

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I have both a knock off one and a genuine one. Knock off one works well; however its range is MUCH MUCH shorter than genuine one. If you plan for the signal to go through walls do NOT get the knock off. From my testing, knock off works great when distance is under 10 feet. Genuine one goes up to 60 feet, and through walls without any problems.

Knock off one also gets progressively less range the more controllers you have hooked up to it. If you are playing split screen (I was playing Awesomnaughts piped from Steam to TV) and the range on it was less than 10 feet with 3 controllers hooked up. Genuine one worked equally good (60+ feet) with one and 4 controllers.

PS - you can get a genuine one from ebay for under $15

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Great post, sincere and to the point. unfortunately this is part of our life on this planet. Keep on keeping on man.

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If only it was a good controller. Ill be sticking with 360 controller...

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Happy for you Vinny that you will be able to live where your family is.. but will miss you greatly from the podcast :(

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I am a Russian, both of my grandmothers were from Ukraine, but then the whole Bolshevik Revolution happened and they had to walk from Europe to Siberia (took years of walking and walking).... just because they were educated and had money.

I play DOTA 2 a decent amount and there are Ukrainians on all the time, I run into one at least every day (and this is on US West server). So they are doing OK (as far as the gaming scene is concerned).

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Looks like Skullcandy SLYR is a good choice for me. Anyone any experience with those? Anything you dont like/like?