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Invite please: Azalea@alfjdkfjnejnre

Yeah I know it's the worst handle. They won't let me change it.

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Level 23, already on Mindflayer. What do we need to make this guild happen?

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I'll be in the LA area, but I can't remember the name of the sandwich shop the crew always talks about hitting. Any recollections? And maybe the name of the sandwich everyone talks about?

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I know my choice is coming up soon in the personal story, so I'm wondering which order I should choose for my thief? I seem to have survivability issues while leveling, so I think I should go with whatever is more story/mechanics based than straight up combat based questing. Thoughts?

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I cheesed the fight and was able to get past it easy on my fifth try or so. By not triggering the cut scene until I was out of the water and up on the rock above the pod none of the Nightmare Court could target me but I could burn them all down with a shortbow.

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My level 21 Sylvari thief is stuck in the personal story. I'm not new to MMOs but I think I'm missing something here.

The mission is where you and Caithe accompany the Harbinger down the river to find where he was born. Once the cut scene is over I get wiped out in 10 seconds and there is no way to recover. If I try to come back down the river Caithe is down and I end up taking on 4 Nightmare Court underwater and getting my ass handed to me.

Am I missing something about how I should be tackling these? I'm being downleveled just to run this (its a level 16 story).

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Bioware's bread and butter is large worlds with fantastical elements, player choice, and RPG or RPG-lite systems overlaying it.

I would like to see them do an Indiana Jones-ish type setting. Hell, just use the actual IP if needed. Barring that, we could always use more mythological settings a la Rome, but I would vote full on Greek or Egyptian mythology settings myself and they are underused.

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Has anyone seen it go on sale? 800 points is too pricey for what I hear is just a so so DLC pack, but I've yet to ever see it drop.

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I must have missed it when I first played without the import. Oh well. In my imagination it was awesome.