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TetrisHitman GoSuper Puzzle Fighter
Legend of ZeldaDiablo 2Dark Souls 2
Street Fighter 2Super Street Fighter 4Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
QuakeCrysisArma 3
Gran TurismoForza 4iRacing
Super Mario Bros.Super Meat BoySuper Metroid
SNES Sim CityCivilization 5Starcraft 2

This would be my list granted some do not really relate to the others before them, but the similarities and advances can still be seen. Some games really stand on their own and fit in multiple levels such as others have said before me like Tetris, but Hitman Go shows a modern take on some of the design aspects of solving a puzzle game.

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What worries me is that he did not answer the last question. If Microsoft is still going to hold any publishers to pricing structures and not allow them access to create sales is a big deal.

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Is the giant Eye Ball the first boss? Been running into him alot in my castles and am only level 13 or so, but he is level 27. If he is guess that means I need to grind more gold and upgrade more stats before taking him on.

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Do they not know how these new policies will change their previous plans? His responses to your questions were quite vague. Also, I'm confused as to why a day-one update is such a necessity to what they are doing. Does anyone know?

A day one patch allows them the opportunity to keep working on the dashboard stuff and the other software related things after sending the build to be manufactured. If they wait too long with the build then there will not be enough consoles at launch. It's as simple as that.

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I am sad that Microsoft did this. I was looking forward to the two different approaches that Sony and Microsoft were taking. One of the key selling points for me on the Xbox One was that my games whether disc or digital would all live on the cloud and for the disc based games I would be able to install them and never have to use the disc again. But reading through the Microsoft update, the Xbone will now require the disc be in the tray. And I kinda like buying the disc instead of downloading 8 GB of game data a couple times a month, because every so often I go over my bandwidth cap and have to pay extra.

As for the other features of the cloud, they will still be there as far as games go. All this means is that game developers that use the cloud for computing A.I like Forza 5 will, will require an online connection for those features. Just because Microsoft did this does not mean those features are off too.

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I found having a combo that has early S-Pressens in it useful because there are enemies that like to block, and the game teaches you that using S-Pressens are a good way to break through the blocks. Also another tip I've been using is that when facing multiple enemies, always have the enemies in front of you, because your attacks can hit multiple targets and that helps with crowd control. Also I think there is a way to dodge in a combo and keep that combo going as long as you hit the correct button.

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Another great Kickstarter shout-out in Anne. Played this at PAX East and it's awesome. Go check it out and perhaps support a great game.

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When was the last PC release of Madden? It's obvious that EA will keep the games on the systems that there sports games sell on. If EA announces other cancellations on the Wii U not sports related then we can start worrying.

It turns out that doing Fantasy Football and "Team Manager" games are far more lucrative than Madden ever could be on PC. So yeah you are completely right that Madden is no big loss for the PC. As long as Wii U has these it should be ... oh wait.

Tell that to these guys. http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9275588.page and I ask again when was the last EA NFL anything game on the PC. EA is not responsible for all the fantasy football leagues. The last "Team Manager" game they release for the NFL was back in 2009.

And also if those rumors about Nintendo and EA were true would you rather have EA have that much power over other developers online games?

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When was the last PC release of Madden? It's obvious that EA will keep the games on the systems that their sports games sell on. If EA announces other cancellations on the Wii U not sports related then we can start worrying.

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I am not worried about Nintendo yet. I am more curious about what they have in store. Hopefully the realize that they need to start rolling out more of their franchises on a regular basis. What is Retro Studios working on is one of the reasons I am still holding out hope. It would be great if it was a new 2D Metroid game. Super Metroid 2 sounds good to me. A new Zelda game for Wii U that is not Wind Waker HD is another reason. Just saw a report that they renewed the trademark for Eternal Darkness, another great step if they continue that franchise. But the main thing Nintendo needs to do is start releasing new games for the Wii U.