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@FluxWaveZ: I started with Yukiko because she was my favorite character from the game. Might try going through the challenge mode as far as I can with each character and see who I like the most after.

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Is there a character that you guys would recommend to a person not that good at fighting games? Right now I am playing mostly as Yukiko.

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I picked this up and am enjoying it, even though I have not completed a single mission yet. I will suggest patience. Feel like I am almost there, just trying to figure out my stopping distance.

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I would like to see the Deadpool game as a 2D sidescoller. I think that could work in a Metroidvania style game.

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So I noticed this was released on iPad this week, and was curious. Seeing as it is $5 for a limited time, I decided to pick it up. Downloading now so have not tried it yet. Anybody try it out yet on the iPad?

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This guy looks like he could be Brad Muir's brother. This just goes to show you why Double Fine is one of the coolest companies.

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Less focus on the other things and more focus on Games.

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I agree with the others here and think Smith/Rorie being whiskey media should have disqualified them. Especially because it was so close to the buyout. I don't remember the last time I visited Tested since they took out all the social aspect of it. Screened fell apart without Rorie, but this being a video gaming website the winner should have something to do with said video games.

I present this for Muir's campaign

Edit: video embed didn't work. Watch the $1,000,000 quicklook again.

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I thought Jeff's Endurance during the Game Room videos was good. But for the official Endurance Run's Persona 4 was the best to watch.