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I was planning on getting a XBOX One next year until they announced that Sunset Overdrive was coming out this October. I've now pre ordered that game and Far Cry 4 and the new Dragon Age for One. Would have got those games for 360 if Sunset Overdrive weren't coming out this year. Planning on getting One around Dragon Age's launch. Will eventually get a PS4 for Uncharted and other console exclusives.

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"I guess I'll go have some more mashed potatos. Now let's go make some rap music"... Oh man. That was funny.

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I wish you could upgrade the guns. I find myself using the silenced pistol most of the time because it is pretty much the only silenced weapon.

Was having a ton of difficulty with the driving missions where you have to chase and take down an enemy car. I almost quit the game due to one mission. Switched the difficulty from Normal to Easy and finished the mission on my first try for that day. Those car missions have been a lot better since. They're still annoying overall and I would rather do other things, but the drop in difficulty level did really help.

Combat hasn't been that hard. I try to kill people with the environment or head shot them with my silenced pistol as much as possible before having to bust out the highest level assault rifle that I have. The focus mode/bullet time does help a fair bit with combat.

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Good luck, Vinny. God bless you and your family during this exciting time. Keep in touch with us. We all care about you deeply. You make the world a more enjoyable place to live with everything you do on this site. Thanks for all the memories you made with GB West. Looking forward to the new memories you make with GB East.

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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Fallout 3, Diablo 2, and Dragon Age: Origins are games that I have spent a lot of time playing. I replay the BioWare games a lot. Dragon Age is probably my most played game.

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There's already too many figurines like this out there and more are on the way from the existing games. This is going to end up being like Guitar Hero and Rock Band battling it out for shelf space at the stores. I have some of the figurines for Infinity and Giants and the quality on them isn't consistent. As a collector, I really have to look at them to make sure the paint isn't all messed up. I'm sure little kids don't care about that aspect but if they want me to collect them, they need to be of a good quality. Not really interested in this Nintendo thing because Nintendo games don't really do anything for me anymore. A Mario figure or something might be cool but if I want that, I'm sure there's other better collectibles like that already out there.

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I finished Dust: An Elysian Tale on 360. Bought it on a sale during Black Friday I believe and have been poking away at it ever since. Love the art style in that game and the combat is fun. Dust also learns a lot of moves throughout the game that make him really nimble and good at getting around the environment by the end of the game. I like that everyone in that game is voiced as well.

I also played some Disney Infinity. Not all that far into it yet so nothing much concrete to say. It seems a lot simpler than I thought it would be so far. Not enjoying that so many characters aren't voiced either.

Like you, I bought Lego Batman 2 on the XBOX sale. Also bought Saints Row 4. I've played a lot of Lego games lately so it might be a bit before I get into Batman.

Probably gonna try to finish the latest episode of The Wolf Among Us this week and keep poking away at The Last of Us.

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Sounds like a great fit.

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Was just watching UPF and saw the new shirt. Went to order it and use my discount code. It wouldn't let me enter text in the discount text field on Chrome or Internet Explorer. Guess I'll just have to wait.

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Does it have the Giant Bomb logo on the back like the GLHB shirt did?