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Halloween, one of the Nightmare on Elm St. movies, In the Mouth of Madness, Child's Play, and maybe The People Under the Stairs. Been thinking about watching Ghosts of Mars again lately so I might do that this month.

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I was getting tired of waiting for this mission to pop and was afraid that I might have missed it so I youtubed how to get her. Saw a fantastic video in which the player marked her with the scope and then dropped a supply drop box on her head twice. I did this and beat her the first try with a S rank.

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Would rather see RE4 get the option to use updated controls. I love that game but it's hard to go back to it now due to the controls. I'm sure they'll eventually get around to it but I would rather they prioritize the one that I enjoy the most.

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I listen to Team GFB, Beastcast, Bombcast, and WTF so I've got a lot of podcasts to get through each week. I typically play Lego Games and open world games like Shadow of Mordor or Assassin's Creed while listening to them. Good way to get all the collectibles that open world games have or do fetch quests. I've also done some Peggle and Bejeweled type games. Diablo III was a pretty good podcast game for me as well.

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Didn't enjoy the sequel as much as the first one. If they HD updated KOTOR for XBOX One, I would totally buy it and play it again.

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I like the designs but not the colors. Would be nice if you offered the Ryckert "Rocky" shirt and put a GB logo on the back middle of the neck like the "GLHB" shirt had. I've got it pre-ordered on the site that is selling it but more people have to order it before they'll reprint and ship it. Love my GLHB and GBEAST shirts but GLHB is getting worn out and there's no way to get a new one. Looking forward to more merch in the future.

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Here's the 4 Hour Destiny Stream from yesterday. Was really surprised not too see a Quick Look of it up by 11:00 am central time.

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Haven't played many 2014 releases that I would consider favorites. Dragon Age 3, Sunset Overdrive, and Far Cry 4 are on the way and I assume they will make the list. I really enjoyed South Park earlier this year.

Been mostly playing older games while I wait for the new ones. Saints Row 4 is a terrific game so far. Might even be one of my favorites of all time.

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Definitely getting one of the new shirts in a couple weeks if you still have any left in my size.

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Brute Force is probably the biggest disappointment for me. Trailers and premise were so cool and then the game was blah. I beat it and traded it in as fast as I could.