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I can't get any videos working through Plex on Amazon Fire TV, even using the code.

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Why is this on a video game website?

This is Jeff's site, Jeff is editor in chief, Jeff approved the article. Who are you to say what Jeff can or can not put on his website?

so jeff was also cool with the two totally bullshit mental health articles this year too?

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Why is this on a video game website?

who knows, but it's here now

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See, it's a clever title because it's named after a series of real snuff films where real people are beheaded and shit. *puts cool shades on*

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This time the sales goal will be 5 BILLION copies! Definitely a more realistic goal.

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There's a number of reasons why CBSi wouldn't allow this. The vague wording in the promise of the donation, and the fact that they would probably only donate to a non-profit foundation being the most obvious. This all apart from the fact that it's an awful design that no one can wear anyway.

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CBSi, making some cool moves.

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hm... would have been nice to know before the massive chalice kickstarter....

Yep, and clearly they knew this before hand, but it's not like they can come out and say that. Think of all the lost revenue!


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This makes perfect sense, on all sides. There should be an award at the end of the year for "The Most Predictable News Story No One Predicted".