Crysis 2, finally another SP shooter I care about

Its been awhile since I played any sort of shooter that I've cared about, last time I tried was probably black ops and I stopped playing after the first mission. Usually they're too long and drawn out and repetitive so I just lose steam and can um.  Crysis 2 is none of those things (well it actually is long but it never seems to wear on me). The games gorgeous the vistas are beautiful and the world still feels large enough to tackle a situation in any way you want without feeling too large like the first crysis did. The best part about it for me is the option to stealth through or tackle enemies straight on, you could probably just choose to avoid 90% of the firefights in the game if you wanted and I think thats the beauty of the game for me im not tunneled or forced in to straight run and gunning, I have choices and choices are always good.


WWE all stars demo

Demo was a great chance to get a feel for the game, and im totally sold. Love that it plays as more of an over the top fighting game then a cut and paste SvR game. Love the visual style alot too, the wwe superstars are all unrealistic sized juiceheads anyways so why not take that a step further and make them superheroes. 
Def gonna scoop this one and I cannot wait for the prohibition match between Stone Cold and CM Punk


Finally got a chance to play the new MK at pax east

I tried to stay away from as much of the media about this game as possible aside from the extreme hype the bombcast was giving the game, but figured since it was on the show floor as a playable demo I might as well give it a try seeing as the game is right around the corner at this point anyways. I expected to see over the top character models/fatalities and special moves but I never expected it to play as good as it did. Combos felt fast and responsive which at least IMHO is a far cry from how it felt in MKvDC. I ended up waiting in line with my friends to play the game a total of 3 times and that still didn't feel like enough but at least shit will be out in a few weeks 
Little sidenote Cyrax was my favorite character out of who I played (nightwolf, jax, liu kang,noob saibot and cyrax) and his fatality was easily my favorite of the bunch. 
April 19th SUCKAS