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I love the fact that snoopy is up for the game of the year and have already voted for it as I think its by far the best arcade game out there. I am just hoping for another huge expansion or even a part 2 to come out. 

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It can't be snoopy's kills because its different by every persons name on the leader boards.
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Does anyone know what the snoopy labelled points stand for on the snoopy flying ace leader board? I know the one with the star is leader board but I do not know what the other is. Big help to anyone who can answer this. 
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I recently bought snoopy flying ace for xbox live arcade and instantily fell in love with the game play. online Dog fighting is difficult with all sixteen players playing at once but still fairly easy enough to level up.  Yet after three weeks of being out its seems very few people are playing the game now. So come on back so Snoppy and I can put the Dog Back in Dog Fighting.
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I made it through just regular dog fight pretty fast with just squidos and the leach. Its not to hard ounce you find what weapons you like to use when your flying. And I wouldn't worry about those lvl100 around most of them are good but not that good.
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I don't know if there is just one good weapon they all have good feel to them except the emp which I think is way to powerful.