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TheGreatGuero said:
"I haven't seen that in years. Also I think they've totally stopped making Rice Krispies Treats cereal. That stuff was AMAZING. "
You can buy RKT from Amazon (expensive but not as expensive as Berry Berry Kix; "only" $16.86 for four boxes) or you can try to find it at a store near you with Kellogg's Product Locator.  Unfortunately for me the nearest place that stocks it is 17 miles away, which is a bit too far to drive for cereal.
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Well, geez, I expected some people to have gone on trips longer than this one is gonna be, but I never expected so many.  I don't know why anyone does what we're doing, really—I would've flown, but he wants to drive and I'm just kind of tagging along to help with the driving, so...

Fortunately my iTunes collection is well-organized, so we'll have music to listen to all the way there and back.   Shouldn't be too terrible of an experience.

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So, my brother and I are setting out on Thursday morning for Kennesaw, Georgia; traveling from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  In all it should be about thirteen hours one-way, assuming we don't hit any major snags.  Should be a fun trip if we can stand the drive; the longest either one of us have been in a car before is about 6 to 7 hours and this will be nearly double that.  I imagine there will be periodic stops for rest and food, so the entire trip one-way will probably end up in the 16 to 17 hour range.  What's the craziest road trip you've ever been on?

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The entire game is kind of insane.  What's so special about the Christmas episode?

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I use Firefox, so I usually have somewhere between two and sixteen other tabs open, as I can never decide which website I want to be browsing at any given time.  Also, sometimes I eat lunch.

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Gatorade is my preference.  More flavors & better taste.  Powerade is a little too sweet for a sports drink and has a weird aftertaste.  Of course, I still buy Powerade pretty frequently because it's always cheaper.

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I'll give this a bump just to emphasize that BK Nuts & Bolts is awesome.  It's back up to $36.99 now, but it's well worth that price.  It's like playing with Legos, but they actually do something when you're done with them.  The BK universe tie-in is actually quite irrelevant.

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That's a Caterpie.  Doesn't matter much, I'm just going to submit this one:

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Mee-yowth, that's right!  (It's right.  Damn good drawing, too.)

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I hereby rescind my suggestion of "LowHangingFruit", as it is already taken.  This is a clear indication that my suggestions are awesome and awesome people should use them.