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theneedledrop, /mu/ essentials and last.fm, but most of all I try to find out what my favourite artists like, especially Steven Wilson

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It was awful nice of EA to give me a beta key for Command & Conquer 4

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I'm waiting until the expansions are out, then playing all the campaigns from SC1 to Legacy of the Void all at once.  Until then, I'm strictly laddering.

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Day one.  I already booked off the first three days it's out

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+1 to the lack of PC coverage

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@ChristOnIce said:
"Furthermore, they are only great "for being a game story."  No game comes close to the likes of Alexander Pope, Samuel Beckett, or Ingmar Bergman."
One might say video game storytelling is still waiting for Godot
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@AestheticSynthesis said:
" I'd like a balance of both, but most stories in games make me laugh so I don't really give a shit about them these days unless I want a good laugh. I'll stick with online shooters and RTS. "
This basically.  A good story is nice, but it's really rare that I'll get more than a few hours into a single player game without losing interest these days.  I'm mostly interested in competitive multiplayer, overcoming a human opponent.  When I sit down to play a single player game, I just get the overwhelming feeling that I'm wasting my time, and would be better off reading a book or watching a movie
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In RTS games I often end up spending more time watching replays of top players than I do playing myself, because I feel that I don't have enough of a handle on the matchups, or the maps or something.

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Hate is a strong word, but personally I didn't like it much because of its lack of uniqueness.  I found basically nothing about it that said "this is the online team based first person shooter I should be playing".  After a grand total of 8 hours of gameplay, I found myself uninstalling it and loading up counter strike.  It had nothing to do with dedicated servers either, I prefer matchmaking, due to how quickly and easily you can get a game with a group of friends and automatically be on the same team.  
Personally I just don't think a truly great CoD game has been released since CoD2.  After the sloppy console ports of CoD2, they seemed to notice there was a market for the series, then started pumping out a nearly identical game with a mild graphics upgrade every year like it was a sports franchaise.

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Battery and Creeping Death