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@normanchan: What camera you currently using Norm? And will I be able to afford it?

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I had a dream I was at Ryan Davis' wedding, no more bombcasts while sleeping for me. (It was a good wedding)

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Fuck you Dark Souls.

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Extremely fascinating talk, I love how candid Sony is being about their creative process.

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Just spent the past day catching up with these, thanks to Rorie I'm finally gonna try and beat Dark Souls!

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I would LOVE a HBO series.

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These need to be on the front page!

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@humanity said:

I'd be pretty bummed if it didn't include some cheap headset - although that is a little cheaper than I expected.

Sony's got their work cut out for them if they plan to take the "Cheapest Bundled Headset" award from Microsoft. Though this does look like a good attempt.

Xbox One is taking it one step further by not including a headset at all.

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Do you mean hosting games between PC and PS4 players? If so, the answer is no. Revision3 had an interview with the Planetside devs that confirmed this.

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News just in from Microsoft, World of Tanks, Xbox's first "F2P" game will come with a trial for non-gold members. No solid details on this trial period beyond the fact it's a trial.

"Microsoft has their own rules [for] membership subscriptions, so [there are] certain things we could not break" - Wargaming.net CEO Victor Kislyi

Just as expected free-to-play games will not be free-to-play on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Source