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Thanks guys, i guess that was it! :)

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@Chaser324:  Yeah i did precisly that! well at least now i know, youre a big help! tnx! :D
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Nobody? :(

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Knock Knock (unique fire-axe) 
Silenced sniper rifle 

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Hi guys, 
i got a little bug, well.. little.. it happens in the casino from the lucky 38, if i enter (note that this has NEVER happend on previous save files) and i go talk to mr house about you know what, and i want to get back outside.. my game freezes, turns complete grey (after i has been loaded) i hear a blink as if a FNV conversation is coming up and my auto save file is busted, so i wasted my auto save and my normal save file, so in the normal file im trapped inside with the bug occuring when i step outside and my autosave corrupts al the time and i have a 3rd save file, in case this happens but it goed like 30 minutes back, so.. 
anybody else got this problem (from lucky 38 going to strip after loading turns grey and freezes and autosave corrupt?) and if you have it, what did you do? 
Playing on an Xbox 360, thanks for the help in advance :)

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i know its been a while, but youre right.. i just found out with F:NV thanks for the say though! @ky326:

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@DazMoo: you sir, have watched scrubs and heard carla saying badonkadonk.. am i right ?! :D
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@Bhouse563 said:
" I would start by turning the tactics off. If that doesn't work hit me up again and I will try to think of something else! "
K, thanks in advance. ill let you now how it worked out :)
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@Bhouse563 said:
" Do you have any tactics set? Is this your main character? "
This is my main character yes, but it happens with every character i create. i do not know if i have any tactics set for this one.. should it be turned off?
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Nobody? Come on guys, this is killing the game for me! :(