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Should have seen the reactions of the faces of JBL and Cole while Fandango was dancing on the table in front of them.

Micheal Cole: Is he dancing for you?

JBL: Well I hope not!

Don't know why but that had me in stitches.

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Ah what the hell here are my Krazy Predictions.

1. Dean Ambrose will absolutely go bat shit crazy when Randy Orton costs him a Number 1 contender briefcase. After the match Ambrose will cut the most electrifying of promos and announce to the world, "I'm a bad man, and you'll see the truth soon enough!"

2. John Cena will be the new Paul Heyman guy. Adult men will weep, chaos will run in the streets, and Brock Lesnar will shit gold bricks.

3. Renee Young will be pregnant with @gorillamopena 's baby.

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Dude after that fall out Raw promo by Ambrose I kinda want to see him get that title shot by winning that match. Holy shit what an interesting character imo.

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Sad to see 3MB go, but now I'm wondering if JTG has been officially released after soo many cuts then how many wrestlers were cut before him? As a matter of fact what the hell has he been doing ever since his last ring appearance?

@gorillamopena Oh shit shots fired!

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The Ghostly demon Kane.

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Giving the titles to Bootista? What a terrible idea, now why am I seeing the WWE doing just that? lol

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@theveej said:

Well I'm taking a break from watching WWE on the regular till Money in the Bank PPV. Will probably still check out payback but interest has been low.

I'm going to catch up with some comics and NJPW till then

I pretty much am in the same boat as you are, until MITB I'm just gonna read the recaps/watch the worth while stuff because other then Shield/Evolution and even to some extent Alicia Fox/Paige I don't have must interest in the direction WWE creative is going at the moment. Seriously if they are gonna strip the titles away from Bryan they got to elevate someone to main event status, currently I have no interest in watching Orton/Batista being champion.