Dante's Inferno...burn in hell.

So I just finished my run of Dante's Inferno. While liking this game for the most part and having some great "YES!" moments, I also found myself having more red faced, clenched fist, neck vein bulging, four letter word marathons than anything else. The Yes usually came after beating the seeing red parts. Visually, the game is pretty good. The circles of hell are pretty well animated and have some good background action. The developer really tries to flex their graphical muscles on some parts and it just ends up being annoying. They make you go out of your way just to get from point A to point B in really no challenging fashion. A straight line works better some times...take note Visceral. To make this short and sweet, the bad taste left in my mouth from this game was from one thing. You are better off lucky than good. Which is not why I play video games. There are so many cheap deaths in this game from just being purely unlucky its absurd. I understand there is an element of luck, but when it out weighs skill 4:1, its a bunch of BS. On the GB scale I would give this 3 stars just for the fact it has some easy points. Otherwise, I would agree with Ryan and give it 2. This will always play 2nd fiddle to God of War so I really hope they do not make a 2nd one. If they do I hope it burns in hell with this one.


Madden NFL 10 freezing issue...

So I've been playing Madden a bit lately, I stopped playing for about two weeks for one reason. I had just completed a game, and when heading back to the main menu, it froze on the loading screen. And again today, that happened. Is anyone else having this issue? Pile of crap game if thats the case because its a waste of nearly an hour and a half to play a game and then have it f'n lock up on you. 


So I just got Borderlands...

So I just picked up Borderlands. So far, its a great game. The visuals in this game are so much better than I could have anticipated. I never realized just how cool that art style can be, and have gained quite a bit of appreciation for it. I just hope its not over used in games it doesn't belong in. The sound in this game is fantastic. I haven't been able to dump as much time as I want to into it yet, but with the weekend here, I should be able to clock a good 12 hours. Pretty stoked for it. I still have to get my hands on ODST. I was never a big Halo player, because I didn't get my 360 until after halo 2 was out, and felt I missed the boat on the game. I'm thinking of just ponying up the cash to grab the trilogy and wasting away in front if it for a few nights and getting the job done, then grabbing ODST. Not too sure though.  Anyway, other than that I have been hitting WoW pretty hard lately. The new content is wearing thin pretty fast and I find myself wanting more of Burning Crusade type stuff. I just feel the game has stretched itself a little thin, but I guess that can be a bit hard with 15 million players or what have you. But, I still find fun in pve and doing occasional pvp. So, I need to get back to some gaming and eating bad food and watching movies. Life rawks. 


Resident Evil 5

So I have been hammering away at this game for a bit. I'm pretty sure I'm in love with it. The Merc mode has made me almost break my Xbox controller 3 times, but at the same time its very rewarding. I haven't done Co-op story mode, but I have done co-op on the merc mode and its pretty awesome. I have quite a few achivements to get still, and with moving stuff this weekend, not gonna happen. Hopefully next weekend. Anyways, play this game if you don't have it. I'm waiting on HAWX from Gamefly and have been getting into some Prince of Persia but its kind of annoying me. I'm not a huge fan of the tomb raider style games where you have to trial and error your jumps. Hopefully it gets better and there are some achievements to be had. Have a great weekend everyone.



I'm so glad this site is up and working. These dudes have a great idea going, with such a large interactivity. No video game site has really done this and its pretty cool. Beats the hell out of IGN, Gamespot, ect ect. I wish them the best and hope we can keep this community going strong.