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Any word on rollback/GGPO style netplay? 

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Man, it's like picking from my children. I loves me a good double-double animal style, but I also love Tommy's, and all kinds of other burgers, too. In-N-Out in particular, though, tends to be a really specific craving. If I suddenly go "I want a hamburger", I'll choose from an array of places that probably doesn't include In-N-Out. But sometimes... Sometimes, I just want a double double animal style. I feel the same way about their fries.

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So, I canceled the edit, and then gave it another go, and it worked the second time. I assume I accidentally clicked in the death field, and left it blank. I'm not sure if that functionality is intended or not.

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While it's all true that eventually we must shuffle off this mortal coil, while I was trying to add info to my person page, it wouldn't let me submit without adding a date for my death. I promise, I haven't died yet, and while I plan to eventually, I'd like to be able to edit my Giant Bomb page before that time.