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Think of this game as a very large fence who's top is adorned with the sharpest razor wire. You can not straddle it. Because of this, there are only two real sides to this game: Love it, or hate it. It's not for everyone. Personally, I love it. It's deep, challenging and rewarding. If you think going 27-0 feels good in COD, maybe you should just try beating the first boss in this game. Every time you pass a milestone in this game you know you earned it. There's also easily 100 hours of gameplay in it if you're a completionist, so you get your moneys worth.

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Is this a Troll post? These games feature worlds you can get lost in, and they have all earned enough awards to show that you just don't like them. Also, there are no console mods so... must be trollolololololing.

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With the amount of passion these guys put in, I'm sure it will be solid. I'm willing to bet they've learned from their New Vegas mistakes. Anyways, I only expect the types of bugs that lead to exploits, like people duplicating items or finding a cheap way to power level. I would bet my life you will not be walking through any walls or glitching through mountains. They got this on lock.

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I wish I had it for PC. Why? Not the superior graphics, 64 players, or any other reason you can think of. I'm going with control. For some reason the stick sensitivity is absolutely terrible. This is coming from a guy with a skill rank of 194 and a 3.2 kdr in BFBC2 on PS3. I'm not saying I'm great at the game, I'm saying I've played enough shooter to know how the response should be from the sticks. This game's a mess. I have spent 12 hours in multiplayer and I'm still going to the pause menu between matches to tweak the sensitivity... and it does nothing. .. . bleh.

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Typical. These ass holes are likely making a solid living hanging around playing video games all day and they can't even do it right. I'm sure he had to rush back to Arkham City, or Dark Souls, or whatever game came out that had him too spun to concentrate on banging out a 5 hour sidescroller. Jeesh. Pay me to review videogames, I'll do it right and I'll show up on time everyday.

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In retrospect, it was a much stronger next gen outing than XIII proved to be. I enjoyed it while I was playing it, but I can imagine what time has done to it. I played it when I was 16 or 17 so to go back would probably prove it to be very cheesy.

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2/5 to that odd compilation.

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^^ Man this nerd sounds irate. Demons Souls was fun, but I never finished it because it broke my first rule of gaming. "Don't play shit over and over." I like my gaming experience to be fluid and progressive. That's not to say I play easy games. I play every game on the hardest difficulty available, and enjoy a challenge. Demons Souls was too sadistic. I can handle dying 15 or 20 times trying to clear my way through a challenging game, like Ninja Gaiden, on the hardest settings. I can't handle having to do this as a gameplay mechanic, and repeating a level over and over just to retain my right to upgrade my character. The other problem I have with this series is this guy above me. The 'elite nerd' who wants to prove his life value by how much he slaughtered the game. Well reality check, you beat a video game. Congratulations. Go beat a rubiks cube now. Or maybe take a jog around your block. You're still human. Maybe I'll try this game out after the holidays. ... though Demon's did piss me off... hmm.... end./transmi/9ssion

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@ the 2:22 mark I had to stop it. When that dude talked about continuing his unemployment to work on his abs I got sick. When the show began with that irritating standard format for reality based competitive television programs, I got sickened as well. This whole thing is a steaming piece of shit and all those pro gamers are tools. Especially Tsquared, who is full of himself, and irritating to listen to. Fuck this piece of trash.

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