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Wow, only a couple good ones in this set. Since Gamefreak decided it would be a good idea to remove all pokemon from previous generations in the first playthrough, it's not gonna be too fun trying to form a good team in this game.

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Interesting... I'll probably check it out.

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Yeah, your saves will work fine with the GOTY edition.
It's not just going to install the DLC, it's going to install the entire game and the DLCs with it. It will save it in a different folder ("fallout 3 goty" instead of "fallout 3"), so it won't overwrite your currently-installed Fallout 3. You can just uninstall the Fallout 3 you have now, but first you must move your game saves, or they will be deleted too. You'll find them in 'Documents > My Games > Fallout3'. Move them to the desktop, uninstall Fallout 3, install the GOTY edition, and move them back (leave the name of the folder as "fallout3" - the GOTY edition uses that folder name too).

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Starcraft II is a popular game, but, believe it or not, there are people who don't care for it. Need for Speed World and Starcraft II are in different genres. They appeal to different people. There won't be any competition between them. Need for Speed World will do just fine. Starcraft II is the biggest RTS game, not the biggest game overall. It's pretty popular, but, much like Halo, it's very over-hyped. It won't overshadow any other games.

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Actually, it'll be a few weeks before you collect the majority of them. There is a cap for the amount of items you can receive per week. You usually get like 10-15 weapons per week, and a hat every month or two.

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In a PM to me, you said that you added a hallway connected to the spawn rooms to prevent spawn camping, but I can't tell which halls these are. For the L Spawn, I'm guessing it's the gray rooms. The size of the map is kind of hard to judge with everything in your images being scattered, and there being multiple floors. Just make sure there are a few different ways to get to each point, but also make sure it isn't too complex. The map should be pretty easy to memorize, so people know where they're going, and can make a strategy. You don't want people to feel like they're just randomly wandering around your map, hoping they're not running in a circle, or not knowing where they'll end up.
Looks pretty good so far. If you can, give us some screenshots when you have enough of it made to give us an idea of how everything will be laid out.

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@KaosAngel: No, don't idle on servers that aren't specifically dedicated to idling. If you want to idle, go to an idle server or create your own local server to idle on. By idling on other servers, you're taking up slots that other people would like to actually play on and you're preventing the teams from being even.
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That sounds like a really great concept for a map. I agree with your comments on control point and KOTH maps, and this sounds like a very nice way to combine the two. The map layout looks really good to me. Somewhat simple, yet it would allow for a lot of different strategies for taking control and defending each point. I like how the center point is open, which means it's really going to be a struggle to keep control of it. That should keep the action going and make the games fast-paced and more interesting. 
I don't see the other two capture points on the map, but I'm assuming they'd be each team's building. For the health and ammo, I'd say you should just wait until you can play on the map, then test out some different strategies you think will be used, and put them where you think they'd be useful and balanced. And I noticed that the building in the top-right and lower-left corners have paths leading out of them, the opposite direction of the center point. Do those lead somewhere?
Again, it looks like a very nice map, and I'd love to play on it. When you get a playable version of it made, I'd be happy to help you test it and give you feedback.

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I have a 36" screen at 1920x1080 resolution.

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@Hitchenson said:
" @adoggz: Should point out, they changed it. That glove replaces the wrench, not the pistol, so with it you won't have teleporters. "
Why won't you have teleporters?