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Try to find a way to upgrade to something like Firefox 2.5 and see if that fixes it, otherwise all I can suggest is ensure that JavaScript is enabled or see if another of your applications (like a firewall utility) is preventing you from uploading something.

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I find it`s just the threads that I start that appear there...

The Post History link within the Forums Post page will show all your forum posts.

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Evilmetal said:
"and also someone could abuse this to gather points. They just find some images online and then go add the images without checking to see if it exists in the gallery, just to get the points and without care.

Thanks, I'll go check in the delete or editing forum a bit later."
Just to clarify, that would be considered as point gaining, thus repeat offenses lead to that user getting their points total reset to 0.
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If you click on the games icon to the left of the page title it'll also return you to the main page.

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Just wanted to point out that if you click the "5 Reviews" beside the Xbox Live Marketplace link, it does what it's supposed to do, and that the "5 Reviews" link beside the All Platforms link will redirect you to the Overview page, and this applies for every game. All other links within that area are functioning properly.

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Here's a partially newer bug...

My image successfully past moderation as I got the points for it and it appears as an entry in my Feed within my profile, but when you click the thumbnail for this particular image to open up the larger version, it leads to a 404 error. Additionally, the image does not show up in either my profile gallery (but it was there before the image passed moderation) or the associated games gallery, but the image must have partially processed as the thumbnail is indeed correct...

Thumbnail Version
Screenshot Version

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Great ideas, and awesome images..

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1. The NHL 09 page unfortunately has a LOT of the same screenshots

The Duplicates:

2. This image is my own which I uploaded twice by accident