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I'll be getting a new XBL account by the time it releases, but I can play LW or D..

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At the moment, you cannot add news stories or blogs directly through the News and Blogs menu option inside game pages. Alternatively, you can add related games (although it's currently called relevant comicvine pages) to your blog entries through the Blogs option inside your profile page.

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From the Frequently Reported Bugs thread


  • Can't add game to Collection list
This is a bug. When adding a game to one of your lists, the Collection button is grayed-out the majority of the time. Alternatively, you can create a collection custom list which will work fine.
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banksrob said:
"You wont get banned for this lol. Just select the image click edit (the heart shaped thing under the picture) and deselect the tick box of the games its not supposed to be in. Hope this helps.

Correct me if i am wrong anybody."
The heart shape icon is for setting that image as your profile icon..

For me atleast, you can only remove them from galleries within a game, not from the game itself.
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Love the idea, should turn out great

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XBLA and PSN are already platforms on the site... Wii VC is called Wii Shop...

Most of the PC-based ones like Direct2Drive shouldn't be added because most of the time they are really more considered as an alternate means of purchasing a product and not an actual platform (where this differs from XBLA and PSN is that games are sometimes exclusively released for those services).

I do think though that there should be some sort of way to view all Wiiware and XNA games on the site and to associate games that fall into that category into their pages, but I don't feel like they should classify as platforms, but more like some sort of a developer add-on...

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The issue has evolved slightly since I last updated that thread, more people are claiming that they are experiencing this bug, and staff are already aware about it...

The second issue is unrelated.

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Looks like no images are going though at the moment, Image Moderation page is empty..

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I can confirm this. My images were uploading alright, just the thumbnails weren't being generated until 5 minutes afterward.