Quick Shadow of Chernobyl update:

as in my twitter feed, since it took me a little longer than expected to install the mods, not all of which I will be using because of crashes, I didn't get to as much of the game as I wanted to this evening. I've got almost one blog post worth of gameplay, so definitely expect something Tomorrow night. Now, the more I thought about it the more I thought I should include a disclaimer: I have never done something of this style or this size. I'm still not entirely sure how the details will play out, but I do have a general sense of what to do. I'm hoping that as time passes I will become more proficient have have a defined style set for this. Just thought I ought to elaborate for those few who are interested.

I have a good feeling about this project. Since I'm doing this purely because I want to, and also for the enjoyment of others, I think I won't sputter out. However, as I said earlier that it may be sporadic (I still have to take classes and study and do homework on top of work occasionally), but you have my word that this journey will be complete!