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If anyone has an extra... I'll gladly take it off your hands! :3

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!duane.... oh wait.

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Ooo, oooo pick me! Pleeeeeease pick me!

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@pyromagnestir: See, now there's proof of video games make friends and such. That was also pure luck. I think we were pretty on par with each other with Nidhogg though.

To be a little more on point: most of my friends either play stuff I'm not that interested in (lately: Destiny, Titanfall... SWTOR), and I don't think they'd be all too into things like Nidhogg and Sports Friends and the likes. Although, personally, never really had many local multiplayer experiences throughout life. It's basically been online making online friends playing on the same servers for years on end. The dream isn't dead! It's just changed shape.

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@pyromagnestir: you're also too good at video games and make things un-fun.

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Nothing! Nothing, just move along and pretend like you saw nothing. NOTHING.

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@sterling said:

That lady that calls out the numbers is always so excited.

excited ladies is recommendation enough. I'm in.

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Depends on what you're eating and what toppings you've got on it. I mean Honey Mustard wouldn't go well with a horseradish/relish hot dog! A good spicy mustard would be just the ticket with that combination. I also wouldn't use spicy mustard for honey-baked ham! That'd just be madness. Soooooo all of them?

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Can we just not be dicks? Maybe at the top of the comment/forum/chat windows we should put the golden Giantbomb rule: "Don't Be a Dick" right there? Maybe that'd remind some people?

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I bought Stalin vs. Martians when it came out on steam... I also bought Nether for 3 dollars.