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Dude I'd eat the fuck out of these. Not some picky guy.

Also down with eating anything for breakfast, including more lunchy or dinner items.

What he said.

Actually, I'm quite partial to pie/cake for breakfast, as well.

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@tahirdhudy: if you mean realistic gameplay, then he's really not wrong...

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game's borked. Just glad it wasn't just me. People saying it's the release time got jacked up which is why the patches aren't downloading. Bit of a bummer, but glad I picked up premium edition for the price of the regular. That'll probably be worth 60 bucks tomorrow when I can play it! Maybe this is some subversive way of messing with the Tyranny of Tuesday releases?

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@spoonman671: if you're thinking of that a simple cheap set up would be best Ego One by joytech is a pretty great starter, I got a Kanger emow for my first set up, and I really enjoyed that. With tanks like that I highly recommend doing a 50/50 juice as it is able to wick easier because it is thinner. A good cheap set up every time. Just don't go with the cig-alikes. They're terrible for a multitude of reasons. oh and @diz explained the PG and VG perfectly.

Obligatory there's technically no such thing as 100% VG juice comment, just to be that guy and get it out of the way, @diz

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@dave_tacitus: yeah, good point. I guess I should have said quitting tobacco, since that is actually what I did...

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I did it to quit smoking, been doing it since december last year, gotten into the hobby of it, enjoy it. I don't do it in places where you can't normally smoke, I don't shove it in people's faces. At certain points, I'm somewhat ashamed to vape as a cessation to smoking because of all the negativity people spew out. However, that doesn't stop me because I enjoy it. Oh well, different strokes for different folks. Also, just like any culture, it has its share of subcultures, and some of those people are assholes. Here's a shocker: assholes are literally everywhere! That's a thing I learned.

In summary: I do use a vaporizer, not always proud of it but glad I'm not smoking cigarettes, it's a nice hobby for some, some people are assholes, Video games are not dead.

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@kaos_cracker said:

I had two playthroughs. The first was me trying to figure everything out myself, finished the game at 16 hours exactly. The second playthrough Ended at about 20 hours, having done litererally everything that I missed, which was four optional bosses, hunter weapons and tools. I now have all the trophies except for defeating the special boss in the chalice dungeon. I currently have two and a half dungeons to go through until I can fight her. Almost done. But I did really enjoy about 80% of this game. Parts got frustrating to the point where I couldn't say it was myself that was causing the problems. I felt some of the enemies would start doing cheap attacks or the camera wouldn't help in a situation.

Also. Fuck the Blood-Starved Beast.

I had no fun on some of the last bosses where the zone was so cheap that the legit tactic was to run past everything in the area to get to a lamp and the boss.

That was my strategy for headcage man and Mergo! By that point I just wanted to finish that playthrough so I kinda ran around looking for bosses and found them preeeeeetty fast...

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so far of the two endings I have gotten and the third I know of, I think the two I've gotten are probably my favorite. The 'good' ending (18:22) was an oddly bittersweet happy note where it seems you're released from the dream to live a regular happy life. The 'true' ending (7:38) was a really curious sight. So, the trophy implies I became a new moon presence to start a new dream world? Well maybe not necessarily a moon presence but became a new great one. That and I get to start humanity's new childhood... Could this lead into a sequel Bloodborne 2: The Hunter's Dream or something? Or, is it implying that I can use my powers to craft the world in a way that I see fit, perhaps making it an idyllic paleblood safehaven or something weird like that? The bad ending is also pretty good from what I've read about it (post beating the game the first time, of course). It sets up a really nice feeling that you're going to be leading some hapless hunter in the future, or some kinda bullshit like that. All the endings are pretty great.

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yeah did you save her and save the dude in the forbidden woods? I guess he kills all the peoples if you send him to the chapel. I would send him to the clinic if possible just to get the thing there and separate the moody bastard from the rest. But @theblue is right, and I think the other one involves the clinic? I forget how to get the one that's not the workshop.

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@turambar: I enjoyed the Good and True endings the most