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What would you think of doing a beanie-style one? Or might that be a little difficult?

Next thing you know we're all standing in the CBS parking lot, playing hackey sack with our Giant Bomb themed sack. This is a dark path!

Can't I just re-live the 90s with a giantbomb theme for once in peace?!

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What would you think of doing a beanie-style one? Or might that be a little difficult?

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Best of luck! Can't wait until Extra Life!

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I learned that I fucking hate androids in alien Isolation last night! I should be there next week for Race Night though.

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Not 100% sure I'll make it thursday. Gotta play Alien Isolation with my Fiance and get that done ASAP 1) because it's awesome and 2) so she can play Costume Quest 2. If anyone's down I might have time to mess around Thursday during the day

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The first one... Man I liked it a lot, but it just got to be too boring to finish. Fortunately, my soon-to-be wife loved the first one. So, you're not the only one who pre-ordered it! the moment it was available we pre-ordered. For me personally? I'm interested to at least see what the hell is going on with the new one and see if they fixed some of its repetitiveness

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If lots of people buy this one.... maybe... they'll make a new one? Oh, one can only hope!

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Finally getting around to Masters of Doom, and really pleased with that. Since it's october I'm probably going to re-read Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Books!

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@amikron: Basically go to the Industrial Zone, unfortunately I can't recall off the top of my head where it is on the map. But, it's the Zona Industriale(the one where the Air bucket list challenge is). You can pretty much find your own route to circle around doing e-brake drifts, jumps, wreckages, etc to keep your score going. You can really keep it going forever if you wanted to. Personally, I recommend banking every 90-150k since that nets you pretty much a level per go.