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@demoskinos: Sadly I didn't get a chance to look over it when I did have my ps3... I do still have my DVD explaining the Old MGS games I got with getting 3 (I think that's what the deal was).

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@earlessshrimp: Nukes, War Has changed, Clones also Metal GEAR!? Cyber Ninjas.

This appears to be MGS4, isn't there something about weird arms dealers? and...

@earlessshrimp: Well, it all started in the time after World War I. All the world's super powers (USA, China, Russia) got together and formed The Philosophers. And they started amassing money that they would use for nefarious things.

One of their members had a daughter, who would later be named The Boss. When the Boss was in her early 20s (World War II), she was put in charge of the Cobra Unit, which was the world's first commando unit. During the invasion of Normandy, The Boss gave birth to the boy that would later become Revolver Ocelot. Also, this happened on the beach as they were fighting the Nazis (Ocelot had to be c-sectioned out). Ocelot's father was a psychic who was also Russian, and called The Sorrow.

But then the Philosophers took the baby Ocelot (because that's what they do), and after the war ended the Cold War happened, and the money the Philosophers had (The Philosophers Legacy) was spread around the world and hidden. The Boss went back to the US, and The Sorrow went back to the USSR. The Philosophers were dismantled.

Eventually The Boss killed The Sorrow for some reason, and trained Naked Snake in CQC and stealthing.

Then, in 1964, a Russian scientist named Sokolov wanted to defect to the United States, so they sent Naked Snake to get him out, but then The Boss betrayed him and took Sokolov back, as she sided with Colonel Volgin, the rest of the Cobras, and young Ocelot.

Then, a week later...

This seems to be MGS3 but a lot more information than I had been able to contain. I honestly seemed to remember Naked Snake being the Boss's son, but That may have been plot development burnout that messed with my mind.

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Hey moosey, can you explain the plot of all the metal gears to me? I love the games but they confuse the hell out of me still.

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How about... Waving Good-bi to the closet?

Seriously though, an excellent and heartfelt piece! Can't say I generally have the attention span for long blog entries but that was seriously moving!

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At first I thought it was a spam-bot on the forums... Then I thought how could a spam bot have an avatar? Then I started to get afraid, then I clicked this. Fewf just a bad thread!

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I actually had my ball fly off of the table on the ramp of one of the tables... I forget which one it was unfortunately. That was the first time I had to call an attendant.

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Can I win a consolation prize?

Also, Congrats to winners and their winnings!

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@tobbrobb: How about this for a selling point: It never once crashed when I played it! I wouldn't say 10 bucks would be the sucker price for that game... I think I paid 35 or 40 when I got it, was not entirely pleased with my decision.

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@tobbrobb said:

I'm still not ready to pay up even a meager sum like $17 for this just yet.

Would you pay $10 for it? How about $10 and a Hamburger?