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@gaggle64: I'll have to try it, any places you'd recommend to brush up and get up to speed a bit before going in-game? I'm assuming EVE is still on sale for a new subscription

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It's events like this that make me really want to get into this game. I just can't ever seem to understand it well enough to feel comfortable with it.

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Just one comment thus far. So... Nvidia quality is slightly better than ultra? I say it as a question because... What? Is there a reason for this aside from it's Nvidia? Oh well, it does look pretty Damon good. Oh! And church man is my favorite character so far.

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YO DAWG, I'd be up for that prize package! Perfect gift for my wife who recently got back into WoW!

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@mooseymcman: that's the same thing as getting them in my book.

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This sounds like a good enough set of reasons to jump back into SCII.

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I honestly didn't notice this until you mentioned it. I guess pressing X to pay respects just didn't hit a negative chord with me. It's a video game, you do video game things. I mean, how else would you have the player interact with it? Instead, should they have just made it be a cutscene where the player is not involved in the action at all? Maybe they were trying to get the player more involved in the moment to bring them a little closer to their recently-deceased digital comrade?

In summation: Video games are fun.

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Get out your HOTAS

Star Wars ships are fun to fly

Video games rock

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To save face, they should totally make the full game freely available via ps+ whenever they get around to releasing it.

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@humanity said:

@earlessshrimp said:

What would you think of doing a beanie-style one? Or might that be a little difficult?

Next thing you know we're all standing in the CBS parking lot, playing hackey sack with our Giant Bomb themed sack. This is a dark path!

Can't I just re-live the 90s with a giantbomb theme for once in peace?!