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So that's why I never get extra blood vials!

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RTS or Turn-Based? I mean for RTS I'd say Starcraft II was pretty good at getting me into things, at least moreso than others in the past. Maybe it was more my willingness to learn the Rock/Paper/Scissors and some strategies with SCII.

Turn-based, however, I'll stick with Civ V every time. Civ V is pretty effin' good. Although, I thought beyond earth had a pretty excellent tutorial for acclimating new players.

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can all of them be my favorite? But, maybe his section in Four Rooms would edge out the rest. Just because that holds a special place in my heart.

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@hayt: I saw it in a tweet, checking the articles now it looks like Aussies should be safe getting steam gifts from US accounts? It looks like they're locking the Russian versions because they're so cheap comparatively. Didn't mean to cause any concern!

At least they haven't locked banned games yet, from the looks of it!

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I heard at some point they're actually region-locking the keys for steam, so you can only play them in the region you purchased them. I don't believe it's in effect, but it sounded like something that was coming down the pike. How they'd do this I don't know.

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Q3 to UT 2k4. You know, the natural progression of things.

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From the title I thought this was some sort of spam to get us fake passports. I was woefully dismayed when I saw the actual contents.

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@hassun: man, I remember entering that contest! Didn't win though... Bummer.