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This was more my reason to upgrade to a premium account. I appreciated all the other videos on the site, but It was the seeing these guys play flight simulators that really made me appreciate them doing so. In fact, I bought the T-Shirt and wear it often just to tell those i'm around about these guys and their crazy fascination for these games. Nothing but respect for the flight club from me!

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The only console that truly introduced me to gaming was my N64. Getting it on Christmas with a copy of Goldeneye really was a special moment for me and my introduction into this beautiful hobby I can confidently call my own.

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Math Blaster

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Developing an opinion on something is often a "two way street". Either you see something from afar, judging it on what it is and deriving to a conclusion from it, or you physically engage in what your seeing giving a different perspective and often times a "complete" experience allowing your conclusion to have a much stronger view towards it. I do not follow her as a "internet personality" or watch her videos so whatever you think of her is your prerogative and your opinion.

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Wreck it Ralph Ryan Figurine? If so...,how much?

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Its exciting to see so much love for Dragons Dogma since launch and Capcom's commitment to making it one of their key franchises going forward. I just hope they don't do anything to sour this momentum towards the fanbase in the long run.

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All I know is that if Nintendo cant convince anyone to buy the WiiU next year than there is no helping them.

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Saints Row 4

Wonderful 101



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@InternetDetective: Yeah, but I assume that's just not to admit defeat on a corporate level.

What I found most interesting about this interview was the fact that when Patrick attempted to ask about policies regarding the family share and the reactions to such features that Whitten just continues to talk about "the positive feedback from the community". Even with these changes, I still cant believe Microsoft is remaining cryptic in their conversations regarding the Xbox One.