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Thanks to everyone who participated in last nights fights. It was upsetting having to wait on the PS3 for nearly two hours not even to set up one game. The Xbox crowd easily made the first half of the night immensely enjoyable to play with. I will definitely rethink this event going forward, possibly implementing different games every week to make it more interesting. Thanks again everyone for your early enthusiasm for this community event and watch the forums for future fight nights going ahead.

XBOX 360 Winners: Xx Anthony123xX easily won the first prize fight

BroodGrillo came back to win the second.

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@arbitrarywater: That may be the case, but that can be said about any game, within any franchise. In regards to this game and the franchise as a whole, there is no better that has as good of a story, as deep of gameplay mechanics and as accessible to newcomers as Awakening.

@SuperWristBands: The first GBA game is a classic in my books and a must buy for anyone interested in the franchise, you can skip Sacred Stones IMO. The GC and Wii games are interesting in their own right, but only from a presentation aspect. The greatest aspects of the franchise for me was being able to play it anywhere with a handheld and introducing the franchise to friends.

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@vanek: The greatest failure about outsourcing any project that was originally built up as a one-studio initiative. I absolutely agree with you on seeing Gearbox as the true victims out of all this since they have the largest public image that is more easily vulnerable after this. The fact that there needs to be some "scapegoat" out of all this just bothers me.

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A Fantastic game that is the best of the entire franchise. Hearing so many great things from the community about this game is amazing to see. I'm happy you enjoyed it and that it shows through your write up, a fine read.

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Keep Rockin JJ! Glad your getting to Xenogears, an awesome game and one of the Playstation's best.

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The "Blame-Game" is pointless, especially when it is trying to give some sort of defense for developers who contributed to a poor game. All parties had a fault with Aliens: Colonial Marines and I don't blame fans for being animate, feeling as if they were tricked into something they thought would be great from the outset. Randy Pitchford is a simple developer who wants his projects to be great, Borderlands being the greatest example of this. Anything else Gearbox tries to do beyond Borderlands was seen as a failure and or poor ("finishing" Duke Nukem Forever, Declining value from the Brothers in Arms games, and Aliens: Colonial Marines Development time). I don't want to blame anyone for any bad game, but when anyone starts to play the "Blame-Game" and looking to "point fingers" at someone for it's failures then I fault everyone involved. If they can't accept their mistakes from past games, then how can that team continue to make greater games for the future. Also, "pitch" is in that man's last name so make of that what you will.

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As much as I am for using real names as "gamertags", there are those out there who prefer the convenience of being anonymous, in so not having to worry about what they say online to random people. It is terrible to see these interactions still being preferred when we as a collective should be beyond this sort of behavior by now. Sadly, these racist/sexist slurs being acted out by the ignorant few are somehow being seen by the mass media as the mindset for the entire gaming community which needs to stop.

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I'm hopeful for what the PS4 is offering and what games can be made for this new generation of consoles. In regards to the closings, I hope all affected will find work as quickly as possible and be able to rebound from this cause there is nothing worse then to have a rug be pulled right from underneath you for the worst reasons.

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@dasmart1: Ok, that's good to know, thanks for the clarification dude! Above all, the game was better then expected and the final boss (having now been clarified on his significance) was fine.

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@dasmart1: I wasn't like I didn't have that thought when I was fighting him, but I just wanted to know if this was suppose to be that way. I know Metal Gear game's have to have character dialogue centered around the philosophies of war and politics, but this game just made it seem like it was either making fun of this narrative element, or the final boss himself.