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    @neckface: Yeah. They may as we'll not have made it. How dare they.

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    If there was any merit to this, they might have sued as soon as Carmack left Id to work there. Instead, they wait for Oculus to be acquired by a billion dollar social media company. This is them looki...

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    I can't support this. This means no Vinny on the bomb cast. This means no Vinny in the control room during live streams. This means no more Vinny playing stupid FMV games on UPF. I can't support this....

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    I'm curious how they'll circumvent the problem that an increase in movement speed causes a decrease in accuracy, especially in a third person game. Maybe I'm just old.

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    @kevin_cogneto said:Call of Duty: bringing you the most scintillating graphics of 2014 and the most scathing political commentary of 2005.This is the best. Really funny.I've always found these games a...