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For those still playing warframe on ps4, there is a special orokin catalyst blueprint up for grabs in the alerts for the next 20 hrs or so. If you are familiar with the game you'll know how hard these are to come by. Go get it!!!!

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Fallout 3, about 24 hrs give or take

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Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in...

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Maybe you shouldn't have focused on the actual score the game received and instead read some of content of the reviews, which I will guess would have definitely mentioned that the story totally hinges on your having played the previous games in the franchise, and how many loose ends that game ties up. Metal Gear Solid is massively story driven, not sure why you would expect to be able to jump into the finale of the whole thing and expect to follow what's happening.

I've never seen Lost the TV show. If I bought the last season and started there then I would probably have a pretty shit experience with that too.


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@jdh5153: From experience having a larger hard drive is always better. In regards to whether a game plays better after it's installed, my experience has been quite varied. I have two ps3's and one of those is an old 80gb finger print magnet model which still works fine. But for warranty's sake personally I would get one new, I don't know how hard it would be to get a refund on craigslist. Also The Last of Us was pretty great.

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@gomezar7 said:

Well Oscar_Explosion's right.

This probably wasn't planned out as well as you might hope. I personally figure it is reactionary.

Moral of the story is... don't bitch bro. Don't download it, don't buy an Xbone. If you're feeling chipper go buy a Ps3. if you own one, shut the fuck up and play it.

Thanks for the advice.

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Is there ever anything that people can't complain about?

Thanks for your input.

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Replayed the original mass effect about 6 times to get all the achievements. Was no chore though, still one of my all time favourite games, even with the stiff combat mechanics and whatnot.