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I voted for Yu, but I also enjoyed Kanji's and specially Chie's; her whole "what a man is!" with Akihiko.

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@TooWalrus: It you decision not to play Elizabeth's story, but it would be better to have the widest view possible of the story. Besides, her story is funny, yet serous when it has too and it gives you some details how the whole tournament went into effect.

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I don't think it's too out there to believe that Edogawa is somehow involved. My memories of him in P3 are fuzzy at best, but if he was anything like in P4 it kind of makes sense. I always just saw him talking about mythology and such as just an exposition dump, but a lot of the teachers tend to go off on tangents and talk about things relevant to who they are and their interests. Usually these relate to some sort of outstanding character feature, but by those standards Edogawa is fairly normal looking(granted so is that pervy guy in P4), but he also gets a character portrait which instantly makes him slightly more important. Though, if he only had one in P4 it could have just been to make sure you remembered him.

You know, I did always thought it was weird that he was the only teacher to a portrait; it's true that only relevant characters have a portrait, as well as his cameo in P4 might not be just some fan service (not the pervy kind).


Now that I think about, Edogawa reminds me of the bartender in Catherine. He was just there, hanging out, giving you some "random" info like Edogawa does. However, the bartender ended up playing a big role in the story. It could just be coincidence...

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@Brodehouse: You know, that doesn't sound too far-fetche[']d (I choose you!), but I think Edogawa was there mostly for educational purposes, not only for the in-game school and students, but for us to understand where the ideas of the game come from. Though, I believe Kenji once mentioned how weird it was to have a male nurse... that's probably irrelevant.

Hey, maybe i the Untidy Researcher is a relative to Edogawa.

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@_Soki_: LOL, that bastard!

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@Juno500: LOL, you have a good point about the limo, so that could be true, however, Kurosawa might have known where Mitsuru was, but if you recall, Mitsuru moved elsewhere due to the fact that the limo stood out too much. Also, as I mentioned in the original post, Aigis was surprise that Kurosawa found them. Remember, it is only a speculation, a theory based on what I got. Thanks for your comment!

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@FluxWaveZ: Wow! That actually makes a lot of sense! However, we cannot ignore the fact that Kurosawa knew where Mitsuru and the others were, unless the guy from the Public Safety and Kurosawa are working together, but that is highly unlikely. Well, Atlus sure knows how to come up with such deep plot.

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@FluxWaveZ:We could also be just saying BS altogether here, LOL. Although, I cannot deny you have a very important point that can't be dismissed. He may have a sinister past with the Kirijo group that has not yet been revealed, since Kurosawa seemed to have a long relationship with the SEES before the events of P3. Once again, it is only a speculation.

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@FluxWaveZ: OBJECTION! Are you accusing me of not knowing his motive?! ... You're right, I don't know. It is all based on the circumstances; it does not give me enough evidence to hypothesize a motive yet. Then again, I might be wrong.

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I think I figured out who the human, referred as an "Eerie voice" in Narukami's story, who is working with the Malevolent entity really is. I think it is Detective Kurosawa.

Here is why I came to this conclusion: If you play Naoto's story, she is given an assignment by a man in the JSDF to spy on the Kirijo Group's "Shadow Operative." After the incident at the airport she is given a contact that is willing to leak information about the group; the man also said that the contact seems to have his own agenda. The contact is revealed to be Detective Kurosawa, the same man who help P3's MC with supply against the shadows when he was just an officer, and takes Naoto to where Mitsuru and the others are located. Kurosawa goes up to them, surprising Aigis since that was not the original rendezvous point and he shouldn't have know where they were. Kurosawa debriefs his findings of the incidents in Inaba that took place the year before. After giving his report to Mitsuru, he decides to return to his post, leaving Naoto behind to tail Mitsuru and the others.

Why do I believe it's Kurosawa? There are 3 things that we know so far about the person behind this "eerie voice:" It knows about personas/personae and shadows, It does NOT have a persona and it's somehow connected to the Kirijo Group; Kurosawa fits that criteria. There is also the fact that Kurosawa happened to find Mitsuru's group on the same place where Labrys was thrown into the TV. How would have he know of that place? How would he have known that Misturu and the others were going to be there, unless he had already planned it out; the criminal always return to the site of the crime. Another fact that stacks against his is that he purposely led Naoto to follow Mitsuru into the TV. Why? Well, if you play the other characters' story, it will be revealed that the Malevolent Entity is trying to gather powerful Personas/Personae to turn them back into shadows. Naoto might have never entered the tournament if it wasn't for Kurosawa.

My accusation is only based on circumstantial evidence. There are others that might fit the bill, such as Ikutsuki as we never really see him die. It could have all been a coincidence, but after my experience with Persona 4, in where the criminal was right in your face and giving the player hints, it is safe to say that I might be close to the truth.

Please feel free to comment and check if I there is any mistakes in my statement, as well as posting your own ideas.