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Hey duders!

Buddy of mine has fallen on hard times and I'm selling his nearly complete set of Skylanders for him. If anyone is interested or know someone who is it would provide some much needed assistance.

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The Mako is one of the reasons I still greatly prefer ME1 over ME2 (not sure about 3 yet, just started). I like exploration in my space opera.

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I'm looking for someone to run through the game, start to finish in co-op with. I'm on PC (Steam name is just Ebisch). I've got a fully maxed out character so it shouldn't take all that long to just critical path through the whole thing. Or if someone would rather use their lvl 50 I'll start fresh.

Only people with decent quality headsets and net connections please. I've had too many random co-op games where the other person was either dead silent, playing music in the background with a bad omni-mic or just lagging all to hell. I'll be on Steam messing around all weekend(East Coast and I sleep at normal times) so if someone is interested send me a friend request on steam or post your steam name here.

Thanks duders.

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@GunGraveTZA said:

@Kidavenger: @TomA: Okay, stay out of the middle lane. I always go to the middle lane so maybe that doesn't exactly help... I'll give Nassus a try too.

And I know what a jungler is, just not what a ward is.

This is kind of a problem for new people.

I see posts along the line of "Hey I just got started, do you guys have any tips" and people immediately start talking about high level meta game stuff. As a newbie the main thing is (as TomA mentioned) learn to last hit. No matter what character you play (supports excluded, but that doesn't matter until you get into higher level where people follow the meta) last hitting is important. If you go 0-5 but have more minion kills then who you are against you can always catch up. If you are relying on killing other champs to get your money and you fall behind you are basically screwed. So yeah, last hitting.

Until you hit around Summoner level 8-10 I recommend just playing against bots, and with friends if possible. Also as a newbie I would say stick with ranged characters until you get used to get used to the interface and learn the items.

I've also found watching live-streams to be equally helpful and dangerous. You can almost always find a pro player streaming games (check solomid.net and clgaming.net for stream lists) but unless you know the lingo and understand the meta that can be overwhelming. If you choose to watch some streams GuardsmanBob and SaintVicious are two of my favorites.

Other than that just don't let people get you down. MOBA's are surprisingly complicated and that shit takes time to figure out. Just stick with it and try to learn from your mistakes. Once you know what is going on I've found LoL to be one of the most rewarding multiplayer games I've played in a long while.

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I enjoy how people are complaining about the pricing like it's a mandatory 2-year contract that comes in the Vita box and must be signed before the system will boot. 15/25 is the price for one month if/when you decide to use it.

I'll probably get the 3G model just so I have the option on turning on the data for a month, probably will for PAX and then never again.

edit: Also GPS is only in the 3G model and Kojima will probably do something insane with that like with the PSP GPS ad-on in Portable Ops.

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I just returned from driving a Google maps estimated 61.1 mile one way journey to a Walmart in the middle of effin nowhere because they were the closest retail establishment that had a copy of the CE in stock.


Am I an idiot?

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Recommend getting Demonseed from the seed spitting plants in chapter 2.  At max level it sends out about 15 little seedlings that do 20+ damage each.  You can spam that into bosses to take them down pretty quick.

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@hpv said:
" This would be sweet on PS3, but why would I want to play this on my Netflix box? "
My sentiments exactly.
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I managed to finish the speed run achievements of the first 2 levels last night and they are no joke.

With 3 level 27 people it still took us 20+ tries.

I'll be playing again on Thursday and would be happy to help.

I'm Ebisch on steam.

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100% completion with all trophies in 8 hours.  Still well worth $15.

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