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I just got my discount code through for renewing and have noticed there are no longer any charities in the store to throw my money towards. As I live in the UK and don't really wear printed shirts I don't want to buy the physical goods but it would be great if this $15 could actually have some use.

Last year I put it towards the tested Octoberkast fund but I guess now they are separate companies the same won't happen again.

So is there any chance we could have this part of the store return?

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Your generosity knows no bounds. I would love to play this Renegade ops everyone keeps talking about! Steam ID: Amused Moose

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Overreacting to one person's opinion, the fuel of the internet. 

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I have only played the first couple of hours of portal 2 and although they explain all the gameplay mechanics again the story has a lot of references to the last game, especially the ending of portal 1. It's an awesome game anyway so you should give it a play.

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World was the first one I owned and will be forever remembered as that.

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In the UK my fees alone will be £10,000 for all three years then there is living costs etc which is running at about £6k a year at least (london is expensive) but this all pales in comparison to what some students in the US have to pay. Even when the fees rise to £9,000 a year for england students its going to be tiny in comparison.

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I don't know if you will get an unbiased view of video games from a video game website but good luck to you. 1)3 2) 7

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It's hardly geared for online play. Half the units don't exist online and the other half play very differently to the way they do off. If anything it misleads you into thinking certain strategies will work when they wont. 

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You put alex but not drew? that seems odd. 
Anywho I would pick Drew if I had to pick someone.

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I didn't like how plainly they painted everything out at the end of the game and how they laboured over the point. It would have been much better to just leave it with the guy replying with "tried?"  when mason says they tried to make him kill JFK. It was still pretty obvious and was a great "oh snap" moment but I didn't need them to photo shop mason into a picture of JFK for me to get it.