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What do you mean by "complete"?

There are countless series of games that tell a continued story. There are none-or-almost-none that tell a complete story from start to end and then finish. You can't do that, because you always have to be open to making another buck by keeping that dead horse around for one more beating.

By 'complete', I mean it has an ending. The main thread is resolved and everyone can go home. One complete story. The none-to-almost-nones of the world.

@beachthunder I'm glad to hear about Deponia, those always looked good and I think I probably own all of them on Steam. I was really excited to see The Journey Down: Chapter Two release recently; I was starting to doubt its existence. I hope that'll end up one we can add to the list.

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I've been wondering about this game for most of my life, but never had anywhere reliable to ask.

It was a PC game in the 90s, which I think came in a collection of something like "95 games for 95". You know, Windows 95. It was a tile-based dungeon crawler which was top-down, so you were looking at a grid of tiles. You chose a squad, which could include an orc or a dog, among others. I don't remember too much about it, probably because I couldn't get too far into it, but I definitely remember being able to take a dog along. You progressed down the screen, too, I think.

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Wow, you people have a lot of brain capacity. I just usually play one button games like Jetpack Joyride and Race The Sun. Mountain.

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I just recently finished playing through all of the Saints Row games and it was nice to play a whole series of games like that where there was a complete story. What are some other series have complete stories that come to a close after three or more games?

The only other one I can think of that I've played is Mass Effect. Do the Oddworld or Penny Arcade games have a satisfactory finish? How about F.E.A.R.?

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The worst part is that I emailed them asking to be notified when the exporter was back up and running like they told me to and they didn't even do that.

I just got a reply today: "Unfortunately we were unable to answer your request in time."

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@blu3v3nom07 said:

I have both XONE and PS4 [...] I really do like XONE more

I think that's the first time I've ever heard anyone say that.

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Normally PS4 is the obvious choice, but in your case, I'd lean towards Xbox One. You can play Halo and Destiny with your brother and, if you get a Kinect, the voice stuff adds a lot to the Netflix experience. It's really easy for anyone to use; my mom loves it.

On the other hand, the Xbox One controller feels terrible to me and PS+ has lots more and better free stuff.

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I've been wanting to set up a tournament/league thing for a while now and I've never been sure how to do it, but I think this is a pretty good system, so I'm just going to make it a thing right now before I doubt it too much. Also, I'm not sure this is posted in the right place, so just let me know.

What It Is

The Video Game Bonanza is a ladder tournament league thing. You can probably tell me the difference between a tournament and a league, and which this is. Anyone in the ladder can challenge anyone else to any multiplayer game, the winner taking the loser's place and the loser moving down a spot. The game and specifics of the challenge can be decided by the two opponents, but a player can only report a win or a loss for a game once per month. For instance, I challenge you to beat my number of kills in a single round of Modern Warfare 2. You win and neither of us are allowed to report another win or a loss in Modern Warfare 2 during that month, but we can still report results from Modern Warfare 3 or any other Call of Duty game. In special instances, the game mode will count for a game as well as the game environment. For example, reporting a result from chess in Tabletop Simulator means you can't report a result from chess in Playstation Home during that month. Mostly to keep someone from winning solely through chess.

At the end of each month, the top five players on the ladder will get 5-1 points respectively and the ladder is reset for the new month. This continues until I don't know because I've never run this type of thing before. Five months? Twelve months? We'll see what works out for what happens. Maybe there are no video games in twelve months, who knows?


The winner will get at least one good prize from me, and runners up will also get probably okay stuff. We'll work something out.

Miscellaneous Things To Consider

Some specific rules: Teams are allowed, with an equal number of consecutively placed players on both sides. The winning team gets to work out their respective rankings for themselves.

If the person in second place wins three challenges before the person in first place wins one, they get the first place spot. This is just to stop the winning player to reject all challenges and to keep things competitive. This may require people to challenge downwards.

How It Begins

To start, I'm going to take five challenges to seed the ladder. Once I've completed five challenges, the ladder will be released and the first month of the tournament league will begin. I'm open to pretty much any game I can buy and run and I have every console, and initial seeding games won't count towards your list of played games. After the ladder is started, new players can challenge a player to gain entry, or start at the bottom. I'm looking to get my starting period done quickly, but if I need to install games and stuff, along with my working schedule, it might take up to a week. But probably not. After I've done my five matches, it pretty much runs itself, right?

Record Keeping

Along with my fully secure, offline, double-laminated hard copy, I've created a wiki where users can update the ladder without my assistance. I'll be making official updates at least once a day, but I have a job, so I won't always be here to help you. Record, screenshot and stream matches for extra documentation XP. Arguing over who won or lost is banned under the Don't Be A Jerk Rule.

All of my contact details and usernames are here and the ladder will be updated here. Twitter is the fastest way to get in touch, usually. Let me know if you have any suggestions, questions or comments, but I think that's pretty much it for now. I have no idea how this will be received, so let's give it a shot.

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I can't wait for Tomb Raider Revengeance, coming 2018 to Xbox 360.

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Most of your posts are saying it makes sense because we're making money off of the streams with unlicensed music, but I never made any money! I actually paid money to use the service. Are you saying these new policies should only apply to partners because they're the ones making the money?