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[Eve being a separate personality] makes her fake / less of a character.

I don't think it's true that her motivations become unreal just because she's some kind of psychological manifestation. She wants what she wants just as much as Hannah wants what Hannah wants and is just as able to make those things happen. She got pregnant where Hannah couldn't.

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@catlicker: That makes sense. Thanks!

One more thing about the mirror that I always noticed but only processed fully when watching the clip a few times: Hannah says "It's the perfect mirror for someone who doesn't like to look at their own reflection." then lifts it up and smiles. There is a dramatic shift in mumbling tone and negativity towards the reflection to energy and happiness that I would put down to a change in personality. She perks up and Eve's love of her reflection shines through. You don't say "I really don't like this food" and then cheerfully start eating it. Even if this isn't evidence of anything, it seems so deliberate that I'm sure it was meant to be thought of that way.

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@mechamarshmallow: Oh yeah, "You have no murder weapon. You have nothing." Still, I like the idea.

Is it ever mentioned whether or not Hannah plays the guitar? She says the guitar is hers at one point, but Eve's the only one who plays on video. If Eve is the only one who plays, how plausible is it that she got good enough to play professionally with the constraints she would have had for practice? She couldn't practice in the attic on her own and she wouldn't've been able to play at all the whole time she was living alone with the parents.

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@mechamarshmallow: I always thought that was a smaller shard of the smashed mirror; the murder weapon. It's such an irregular shape and weird size that I never thought of it as anything else. Unless you're talking about a specific mention of them having another mirror somewhere else.

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I don't want to cause any arguments, so try to answer me in as close to a one-word answer as you can. Do people in America, outside of racially motivated killings, think of people in terms of being a person of color or person without color all the time? A few times I've heard Austin refer to someone as being a person of color, when I wouldn't have thought that it was notable at all. It might just be me being a person without color and Austin being an American person of color, but it's just not something I think about.

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Serial, a podcast investigating a 15 year-old murder case. I listened to all of this the day before I found Her Story, so I've been thinking about old confusing murders pretty much non-stop for a week now.

Breckstand is an achronological collection of fiction made up of short scenes available for purchase piecemeal. You can read them in any order and find your own stories in the world provided.

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I like split personalities, mainly because I thought of it when I wasn't even playing the game. Also, I really like the idea of there only be one mirror.

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I think I bought all of their games and didn't have a good time playing any of them.

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Indie Royale, too? I need to look into that to see what I need to grab before it goes.

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I agree with Austin; I really hope there is some sort of change for Early Access games. Early Access is the most likely place to sucker people into a premise and never execute. I would be a little more willing to go the Early Access route if I knew there was a net under me.

I would post

I've always thought that the premise of Early Access was "only buy this game if you're happy with it in its current state." I've had more instances of game companies at E3 saying "Look at this cool game idea we'll never show you again" than I have instances of being disappointed in an Early Access game I've bought, and I buy a lot of games.

but I'm tired of arguing about Early Access.