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Wow, The Wolf Among Us and wow, Styx.

I was one of the two people who chose Consortium, Noir Syndrome and Race The Sun. Who are these other people and can I meet them?

Edit: I can just check the lists on the wiki pages! Yay!

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I also like the parents of the people making my food to have been born in a certain place.

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I think they should ban all forms of advertising, because it always makes the experience seem better than it actually is. This chewing gum was supposed to whisk me off my feet and now I'm just disappointed.

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I'm bigendered and I've heard of literally one other bigender person in my life and I'm fine with never hearing of any others ever again. Representation isn't important for me. Characters from different cultures or backgrounds can bring unique viewpoints to a story, but I wouldn't want any characters added just to make me feel good about myself.

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I want the full spreadsheets! Where's my elephant? Where's my elephant?

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@azhp said:

If you're wondering why I recorded it with twitch chat, it's because unlike the video archive, the chat is something that is lost to time once it's over. When I go back and watch these, I'm a little sad that I don't get the full live stream experience. So it's more for my personal gratification than anything else. :) Often times things that I don't notice at all when watching the video by itself become huge running jokes in twitch chat, and I like getting swept up in the excitement (toxic as it might be sometimes).

Also my friends who were in the Tetris video personally requested that I record the chat so they could go back and watch it later, and I just left it running all night since I knew Alex was going to be playing later.

Thank you! The chat is pretty much my only reason for watching any of AGDQ. It's really not that bad unless you really hate memes.

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The closest I get to any non-GB games journalist content is listening to MBMBaM. Whenever someone leaves this site, there's a good chance I'll never hear of them again.

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I thought this was going to be a joke about how Brad is a cat.

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@fisk0 Congratulations on spending more than me! I hope you enjoy not playing games you own as much as I do.

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@tuxfool said:

@fisk0: Ah, I understand, he means you need to buy 80 dollars worth of games to get 8 cards (8x10$).

But this year you get cards for everything: voting, buying and making badges.

It is why the cards are so much cheaper this time around

For the last 2 or 3 major sales, you've been able to get cards for voting, buying, and making badges. People shouldn't even bother making badges when it's not a sale, since instead of getting another card, all you get is a coupon for literally just some random game on Steam you probably don't want.

Anyway, the guy said "I bought enough that I'm almost at level 6 of the sale badge kind of without trying", which sounds like he wasn't sitting there crafting badges or buying cards off the marketplace, because I'd consider those to be "trying". It sounds like through some combination of voting and buying stuff, he ended up with like 48 holiday cards.

I did craft a few badges and I think I made about 3 or 4 trades, including where I sold a card on the market to buy another. Maybe 4/6 levels were without those things. Still, I spent way too much on the sale to say the exact amount here. I've said it before: Steam has taught me what it means to have an embarrassment of something.