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Wow, people really hate Early Access. I'm glad I don't visit video game forums more often.

From this tweet, I thought this was an old game just put on Steam. I don't play many racing games, but the title sounds like something I've heard before.

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I've been designing a card game that I want to release on Tabletop Simulator as well as eventually a physical version. I want to be able to sell the physical version, but the digital version was always going to have to be free if I wanted to have it on the Steam Workshop. Now, there's a way for me to not just give my game away for free, assuming this all works out. It's not just a mod, it's a full game on the Tabletop Simulator platform. This might be a specific case, but other games probably have different equivalents.

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I only buy games digitally now, so the only time I think about release updates is when I'm around when the actual game finishes downloading and even then all I probably think is "Oh, it's not done downloading yet."

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There was an Xbox Live Indie Game that was entirely based around sound where you were a blind monster in a dungeon hunting for your food. This probably won't be helpful for you (I don't even know if they sell indie games on 360 anymore) but I thought it was a cool idea.

I didn't notice racing games mentioned in this thread, but stuff like Mario Kart 8 would probably work well.

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I took the day off work and bought a bluetooth keyboard for this, so it'd better be happening.

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I always thought that was insider metadata stuff. Cool!

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I'm going to try to check in more during this month, just in case people are wanting to look at this thing.

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I wasn't there. Also, never forget