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@sterling said:

What disgusts me is that 7 people Favorited the death threat tweet.

Other people have probably said this, but I use the Favorite function for saving or tracking tweets. I don't really have 358 tweets that are my favorite.

The weirdest thing about this for me is the revelation that Valve doesn't allow weekend releases. I thought it was the developers avoiding weekends. Two days out of every week you can check the new releases on Steam and there's nothing there, then on Monday there are ten new games. What's up with that?

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Wow, this article's been on the schedule for about a week. I was expected some big, embargoed news or something.

@mezmero said:

I'm a bit more curious if multi-player games will get better at making death feel the least bit tragic.

In which multiplayer games is death tragic? You mentioned L4D and I can think of Dota, Counter-Strike and Garry's Mod games like TTT where you only get one life. I would love more stake in staying alive in multiplayer, so I'm open to suggestions.

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I've been over here playing video games, so the only stuff I've seen of this GamerGate thing has been some of the Giant Bomb stuff about it. I don't know how the ethics of journalism relate to feminism, but it seems like a lot of trolling and feeding said trolls to me.

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Apparently, my post caused everyone to rush onto Home, because now PSN's down. I'm not sure I can add people who aren't online (Edit: apparently, I can invite anyone. I'm not sure what type of message it sends), but I'm surprised I don't have you on my friends list already, @finaldasa.

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Since Playstation Home is coming out of beta and shutting down in March, I figured some of you might be getting into it now for the trophies, or just to see what it's all about. It's still free, you know! So, I made a club for Giant Bomb members to hang out and not have to deal with the crazy people who actually use Home. Space Neon Lobsters is the name of it.

To join, go to the Friends/Social part of the start menu, then to Clubs and Search Clubs. That's the sequence from memory, but that's the gist of it. Just enter 'Space Neon Lobsters' into the search and it should come up. Alternatively, you can post your username in this thread and I'll send you the invite. After you or I accept the invitation, you can access the super-secret clubhouse through the Navigation>Personal Spaces>Clubs menu. The club can only have up to 32 members, but nothing I do is ever that popular, so it shouldn't be a problem.

My PSN username's eccentrix, same as here, and I'll try to be around to accept as quickly as I can and help with whatever you need. I hope the club will be a good place to find real, sane humans to talk to and get shown the ropes. I don't know everything about Home, but I'll help wherever I can. Maybe we'll get lucky and some people who actually know what they're doing will find this.

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That's what I was thinking. It would eventually get into the territory of reading through code to try to divine the AI's motivations, which kind of misses the point. Visual indicator it is!

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It's clear that Last Known Position isn't just a Splinter Cell concept anymore, but before going ahead and rewriting the whole page, I'd like to create some boundaries to make it clear what this concept is or isn't. For example, Destiny's enemies know where they last saw the player, but this has no graphical treatment. Is this concept simply a function of the AI or should it be limited to some additional piece of UI, like a ghost or marker?

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@whitegreyblack: Thanks for spreading the word! I live with other people who need internet, too, but I'd love to be able to just leave it streaming for a whole day or something like that some time. I'm Eccentrix on Twitch, so follow me if you want and I'll try to get a game running whenever I can.

Also, Fibbage is the easiest trophy game I've seen, if you're into that stuff. I was streaming for an hour and I had every trophy except the one for seeing every question.

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@zamolxes: I know, that used to be front page stuff! First, they moved it under the most popular games and now it's not even on the page at all. When I read the thing about the page being customizable, I thought they meant I'd be able to choose to have the new releases right on top, not that I'd not be able to have it on the page at all.

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@zamolxes said:

I think the biggest improvement is that they list popular new games and not all new games. This is better because it weeds out all the shitty android ports and the really bad games with stolen art and instead you get a good list of games that have some quality to them. At the same time, the list should update slower so games will be listed on it for more time and actually have a chance to sell.

With the old list, you were getting all these bad games at a very rapid rate and everything was getting buried. And yes, I know that good games that dont catch on will also not be listed, but overall this is a huge improvement and gives good games a better overall chance than before.

This is pretty much community curated in a very good way. Something that greenlight failed to achieve.

Wow, that's crazy. I guess I'm in the minority. I'm okay with that, as long as I still get my full list somewhere. Even if I have to resort to SteamDB stuff.