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I've seen some people ask what <> meant in chat during a few of the live streams. It's weird to think that new people are joining the site and will not know most of the dumb things we reference.

It's always bizarre to consider trying to explain even a few of the basic references to someone new to the site.

Perhaps we need a "welcome to Giant Bomb" guide that covers some key information about each staff member, as well as the most significant memes to have come to pass.

In particular, "<>" is from a livestream that isn't archived anywhere on the site, and even if it were, I wonder if people would even make the connection.

E3 a few years back. Something, something and we saw this. It's like the Sims and shit or something.

Yeah, I never saw the livestream, but I've since learned it's from that. My point is, I don't think it's bizarre to have to explain that particular basic reference to new users of the site, because it's SO obscure. The audio of that E3 podcast is on the site, but the video only exists as a Youtube video and/or random gifs and screenshots. If a new user were to come to this site and listen to all the podcasts and watch all the video content, they probably still wouldn't get the origin of <>. It's such a weird meme.

It is and I still remember the story of how it started. What with the guy coming out and doing that plumbob thing above his head like it was a gang sign when he was showing off the game or something. They did that a lot when Leigh Alexander was going off on interrupting tangents.

What's weird to me is everyone in the chat who says "Hey, guys, what are you all doing with the <>s and why are you doing it?" It happens every live stream. Nobody knows how to watch and learn.

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Great job. Also, is that what an Ouya looks like? I guess I've never seen one before.

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I knew they were going to announce a controller, I just didn't know it would be so weird. Why is it backwards?

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live comment updating

I don't think I've really seen any site other than Facebook do that.

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@eccentrix: Why would that be funny? The company was his entire adult life legacy.

Just the wording. I imagined Nintendo owning a district of Japan and calling it 'Nintendo'.

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This is all super interesting. Thanks, Rorie!

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That's really sad news, but "A funeral will be held at Nintendo this weekend." made me laugh. Thanks, Yamauchi-sama.

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This article doesn't fully explain the situation for me, but it does make me want to get an Ouya before they disappear. Like buying a Virtual Boy.