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But how will this affect Betting The Farmville?!

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Byfleet, Surrey, UK

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I bought the game and never really touched it. Now I want to play it while I can.

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@patrickklepek: yeah games, games, games at e3 but it could have been ms moment to say at e3 "one more thing ... 399$ from today"

That would be just dramatic and unnecessary.

Sounds like E3!

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Oh yeah, I wanted to say that I've had my "gaming laptop" for around 4 years now and it's still working well, even if it's not as relevant as it once was.

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Sounds like another excuse to spend a lot of money. Thanks!

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@sammo21: You're the one thinking less of people for getting drunker than you. I just don't get why you like the taste of alcohol, that's all. When I drink, I drink to get drunk, because otherwise, I'll just have a soda.

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I don't know if this is necrobumping or not, but there's a prominent link to this thread in the community showcase, so I think it's okay.

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@pudge: I like alcohol OK, but I'm smart enough to not abuse it. I think I've only ever drank like...2 drinks max in a sitting, lol. Honestly, I think less of people who just get "tore up".

I can understand getting drunk, it's the drinking alcohol without wanting to get drunk thing I don't understand.

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I buy crap and force it down my throat on a weekly basis, but can't justify 50 bucks for GB. I think I need to reprioritize my... priorities.

There are so many moments that are worth $50 by themselves.