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Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Guest contributor here!

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So, this looks like some crazy shit: Probably Archery. Contains a Giant Bomb logo, and a quote on the store page.

"... right there, right... nope... down... F***!" - Giant Bomb

(I attempted to search the forums for it, but it blew up with a 500 error. Apologies if I'm double-posting.)

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As expected, Jeff won't be coming to PAX Australia.

@jeffgerstmann: Hey, so I've been getting some questions. Just to clarify and confirm and all that, I'm not going to Australia for PAX.

@jeffgerstmann: But here is a preview of my PAX material: 30 mins on how koalas love eucalyptus leaves, 30 mins spent assuming Australians love Foster's.

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It feels weird to post this here myself, but I was asked to write a tribute to Ryan for Pixel Hunt. (Please note that there are no ads on the site, so this isn't just a horribly exploitative attempt to get hits.)

This was the hardest thing I've ever written, and almost scrapped it. My editor convinced me that it was worth posting, so here you go.

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Great round-up duder, nice work!

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The Penny Arcade Print Giveaway is now open to any and all forum-goers, it's not just for Premium Members any more! For a chance to win a set of Penny Arcade The Hawk And The Hare prints, check out the details over on the Tested forums.

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Due to a recent shipping mishap, I have ended up with two print copies ofThe Hawk and the Hare; a four page series of strips from Penny Arcade’s lauded sporadic epic, the Cardboard Tube Samurai.

I don’t think my wife would love the idea of hanging two sets of the prints in our house, so I’ve decided to give one set away to a lucky Whiskey Media premium member! All you have to do to go into the running for these amazing prints is reply to this post with a short story in the style of/inspired by the Cardboard Tube Samurai, depicting an epic battle between two Whiskey Media staffers of your choice. Our favorite response will receive these gorgeous prints, while the two runners up will each receive a code redeemable for $10 from the Whiskey Store.

For inspiration, go and check out the CTS back catalogue and the character entry in the PA Wikipeda page.

Entries close at midnight (PDT) on November 12th. If you're not already a premium member, but were considering it and would also like to enter the competition, go ahead and post your entry. The membership status of entrants will only be checked at closure of the competition. Good luck!

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Great piece Alex. Retrospectives and personal accounts from editors are always fun.

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