Am I a graphics whore? Forced to Wii because of RROD

So I like many gamers have a slight addiction to electronics devices, and I have been having some minor but none the less frustrating trouble as of late with my electronics.  
If you read my last blog you should be aware that my 360 is now on its way back to Microsoft to get repaired or replaced. I can't complain it has been working for 2 1/2 years so it died right before the warranty went up on it. What is frustrating about that is the fact that Microsoft no longer sends out coffins to the users to make it really easy to box up and ship back to them.  They offer to e mail you a shipping label but I lack a printer that works in my studio apartment, so I had to request the shipping label be sent to me.  Oh well I am going to be a repaired box and get back on LIVE. I can't wait.  
So because of this little time with out my 360 has made me play my Wii a lot more. I didn't  seem to mind the Nintendo titles like Mario and Metroid Prime, but when I played Call of Duty World at War on there I was about ready to vomit because of the lack of graphical polish. Characters didn't animate right, seems between polys, muddy textures. It played fine and I found it very easy to manage, but the constant eye sore of third party games is just too much.   
I am a firm believer that good art can over come any tech issues, but these games look like they are just throwing shit on Nintendo's wonder box just to get as few bucks from the unknown masses. Even some other third party Wii exclusives hurt to look at, like Sin and Punishment 2, look like a muddy mess.  
Its not like the last generation of console were weak graphically, but it seems as if no one is willing to put out good things on the Wii, sometimes not even Nintendo at times. 
Does this make me a graphics whore?


I have returned

I have been trying to find a new gaming webstie for a while and I have known about Giant Bomb since the "Kane and Lynch Gate" thing. I have been on Gametrailers for a while but after the recent bout with the Viacom V Youtube bull shit and the rampant fanboyism I think that I am going to make this primary gaming website.  
So yeah. I am aware this isn't a typical blog and I don't have much to say about it, but HI to everyone


Something that all multiplayer games need from now on

I love the gears of war 2 multiplayer. Its a blast but I find myself feeling more compelled at times to play Resistance 2 because of its persistant online tracking. This was first explored in Halo 3 with the leveling system. A simple system that tracks your progress and skill because people like to see how well they are doing right then and there. Halo 3 elaborated on this, then COD4 came along and gave skills and weapons for this leveling. I thought that Halo 3 multiplayer was a lot better because of the fact that you could do so much more with it than you could do with the COD 4 multiplayer, but yet I was playing COD4 a lot more than any other multiplayer game this generation.

Resistance 2 system is sub COD4 in my mind because of the weapon sets that you unlock. Because of the fact that you get high power weapons like a rocket launcher at higher levels you get a bad unbalance of skill and power weapons compared to other games. But what is there is a lot of fun but the fact that you need so much more to level up, the system reward system is to slow for most people I think. Still fun none the less.

COD WAW is the best I have seen in this idea because of simple leveling and then constant rewards, you don't have to work your ass off to get the stuff you want and its more balanced out through out the levels so a person who just started isn't being out gunned and out skilled.  This is what makes the COD multiplayer some of the most addiciting out there. Its because of this constant little rewards for playing people keep wanting to play more and more.

I think that all multiplayer should have a simple leveling system in there whether its just a new emblem or a new level number for people to encourage them playing. ALL SHOOTERS NEED THIS because micro achievements/rewards make people feel like they are getting more out of the game than the money they put in to the purchase.

I just hope that Gears 3 and Halo 3 ODST have something a little more deep than what they have now

See you all on COD WAW by 11/28/08 at 9 pm Central time.


Too much Confusion over Too Human

With a million and one people wanting to get in on the video game industry with out making games, everyone is throwing their 2 cents worth in on games these days. But if you are like me and stick to a stable of the same reviewers, you can see a much clearer picture of some games.

Too Human seems to be one of these games where the reviews are all over the place, in fact I think that this game has the widest range of review scores I have seen this generation or last even.

Greek Gaming Magazines loved it and game it Editor Choice awards and a 93% while old time industry stables like Gamespot gave it a 5.5. Then there are the others who understand that this game was a vision and that a vision isn't always clear till the very end when its too close to turn back. G4TV gave it a 4/5 along with Gamepro. IGN gave it a very honorable 7.8 saying that it was close but just not there.

With all these opinions and internet fanboys running around trying to convince themselves that they are convincing others that this game is the shit or just shit, one has to go out of their way to think on their own. I know that with gaming being such a large community and liking a game that isn't exactly good means that you will be slandered with the title of poor taste in games One should venture into games that they are interested in no matter their reviews.

I have been looking forward to Too Human for a while. The game has a nice art style, and a creative spin on an old story that hasn't been heard in a while. While I do think that Silicon Knights was trying to go out of their way to reinvent the wheel. I think that they did a nice job of bringing an accessible console Diablo to market. The games controls have been a touchy issue for some, but others have grown to love it. Its the simple joy of being a bad ass with out even trying. In the end is that what being a god is all about?

Despite its flaws and range of reviews I am getting it and I know a lot of people who are. While I believe that gaming is an art form, I think its also important that not every game is graded as a piece of art. Too Human is one of these games. People are trying to hold a fresh presentation to that of industry standards. Too Human is best described as a game that walked its own path got lost but has good stories about getting lost.

I have had a lot of time with the demo and I am looking forward to getting the game tomorrow. I hope to see some of you on there.

Closing thoughts.
Fuck reviews unless they are your own.

Life beyond gaming

For a person to blog on a gaming website about stuff than gaming is a little odd but I think that something in this world should be noted beyond what happens on consoles 

Lets start off with some good news. 
Outside of a random shooting at the olympics, they seem to be going pretty damn good. China is bring the countries rich culture to the world and showing off that is now world power in just about everything. While most americans are a little scared of the fact that china is getting so much power in such a short amount of time I think that this is the ego threat that this country need to motivate us into strive to keep out economic status. The Olympics are more than just a commercial event or evening a sporting event. It an event that allows viewers to get a deeper insight into other cultures. I think that it is important to a degree to keep an eye on the events surrounding the olympics for that reason alone. 

Now for the bad news.
It might come as shock that there is a full on war in the world. No I am not talking about the shit that is going on in Iraq because that is not officially a war. I am talking about millions of innocent people in Georgia and Russia that in the line of fire between their waring militaries. While I am going to admit I haven't been keeping up on this event I think that its important to note because Russia is a country that isn't the most stable, but has a large stable of nuclear arms. Should this war grow something that world has never seen before come to life. This is the first official war (to my knowledge) that has happened between to standing militaries since the Korean War back in the 1950's. We are living in an age where human creativity mixes with human stupidity, and the end result could be worse than anyone could imagine. 

With all this happening I would encourage gamers of all type to put down the controller for a little bit and learn about the world. Sure we all know that gaming is great and is a great form of escapism, but that fact means that we are escaping for serious issues that can have long standing impacts on the world. Since most gamers are in their teens to twenties, it is important to let your voice be known, since we are the generation in line to control the world. Its up to us to make sure that no shit hits the fan under our watch

GAMETRAILERS lost their damn minds

Ok this was a bogus one completely GT. Seriously you mention at the very beginning that besting a human trumps AI every day with that being said you could have called it a Multiplayer category. But while I agreed with some of them. Like Resistance 2, Left 4 Dead, and Gears 2, WTF is with SPORE and LBP??? those games have online components yeah but you lead the entire site on to believing it was all about the multiplayer.

SPORE is a purely single player game. There are great online features, but besting a human trumps AI everyday so that argument for why it was even a nominee should be thrown out the fucking window. This was a spot that could have been better filled with MAG or Fable 2.

LBP is a platformer that has 4 player co op and great level building. We have seen game 2.0 long before this. Its called MODs, Map Editors, and custom Game types. TADA!!! Out side of being cute this online experience seems more like an experiment than a multiplayer game. This spot could have been better filled with Rock Band 2, End War, or Killzone 2. All of which allow for games that are bigger than they appear.

So with 2 of the nominees for best online/multiplayer out of the fucking way how about you tell us what you really thought.


Resistance 2 and Gears 2 should have tied. Resistance 2 is adding more and more to the FPS formula but not really renovating it. More (LOTS MORE) of the same goodness we all know and love. Gears 2 is showing that creative game types like MEAT FLAG and WINGMAN are just the tip of the creative ice berg. Complete with party support, screen cap sharing, dueling, and being an online game that no one has copied should be enough to get this one top spot. Gears 2 is a much more innovative title and deserved to be tied with Resistance 2.

either GT lost their god damn mind with 2 of the nominees or forgot to mention lots of features in others. Makes me wonder.

They better have another MULTIPLAYER GAME OF E3 and level this one out, because the nominees were shit and there needs to be THOUGHT in what they say at the beginning of the video and what they say at the end


The GameStop Gears of War 2 Sneak Peak

To very little hype or even notification to the select stores around America there was a Gears of War Tourny that happened tonight. A very quiet event with a few goodies for those who actually went to one of them. Well being a GameStop employee I knew about it and decided to head on over to see if I could get in on the action. While I was one of 5 people in the Tournament I was glad to come in second place. (1st place got a 1600 point card for Xbox LIVE) While the tournament was over in 10 minutes the little sneak peek that Epic Games put out to all these GameStop stores was crap at best it did show one thing that hasn't really been seen on any of the coverage of Gears Of War 2. The fact that this game was more breath taking than Gears 1 and nearly everything else is good enough but running at 60 frames per second even in multiplayer made the game jump at you. That is the one thing that showed from the PC version was that the framerate was smoothed out to a near perfect rate. GEARS 2 is more than just extra detail is the Unreal Engine 3 at its prime and will only be knocked off its throne by super heavy weight games like Crysis and Killzone 2. Not even Uncharted could match it.


A Refugee from Gametrailers

Hey everyone, this is my first time at Giant Bomb and I have to say that I like what I see. Currently I am a frequent at but do to the fact that the fanboys are running wild and seem to be taking over the forums and community I am seriously considering leaving. Getting in on the ground floor of Giant Bomb seems like it will be a good time and that I will be on the same level as everyone else.

I am planning on bringing others from the sane part of GT over here.

Well since this is my first blog I will keep it short and sweet so.

I am here
Thanks for visiting my blog