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My favorite Ryan Davis moment comes from the Baby Sitting Mama lets play, as he constantly shook the creepy baby doll, as the game freaked out and kept repeating "NO NO NO PLEASE DON'T SHAKE THE BABY" in horrible engrish. Ryan kept a straight face the entire time. My sides hurt so much after watching that. It has become a bit of a meme with my friends and I. When ever we do anything dumb and play it straight, "NO NO NO PLEASE DON'T SHAKE THE BABY". RIP RYAN

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I am still waiting to hear that this is all a joke, I don't want this to be true. Ryan was awesome, and this is a loss for the industry and community of gamers as a whole.

RIP Ryan

You will be missed dearly

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I am asking "is it a waste of time for the console manufacturers, or developers right now?"
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Its a turd in a taco shell 

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3D televisions are new and pricy, to make things worse is the fact that they need glasses that are very expensive as well. The average cost of a 3D TV is around $1800, with glasses costing around $150. After tax we are seeing a minimum of $2,000. (USD).  The adoption rate of HD was slow because of the economy but now HDTVs are now close to the same percentage of SDTVs in the general public.  
The reason why I bring all this up is the fact that PS3 and the 360 (to a lesser) are starting to push 3D hard core and I feel that it is a waste of money for them because such a small percentage of people can take advantage of it. Is this another example of the gaming industry getting ahead of itself?  
Will you spend $2,000(USD) on a 3D tv just for gaming RIGHT NOW? (not in a few years, has to be right now)

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thanks for ending the thread with the first post :P
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So we know there are going to be more load outs than those we have seen in the Beta and in the E3 coverage. So what types of load outs are wishing for?

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I work for the company, and the cut off pre orders in my area on Saturday the 26th. The reason was they were back ordered thru the end of August. We had to inform the customers about the problem. 
To be honest while Gamestop isn't good for the gaming industry, or isn't as good as it could be. It was more likely the Associate's fault for not informing you. 

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I think that Forza need wait till after GT5 to one up it. 

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I think that this would be better as a Halloween release and not try to compete with Halo and Sony's Move in September