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Damn, Ryan. Couldn't you have waited another month so I could have met you at Pax Aus this month?? : (

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Nintendo were pushing the whole "connecting the families" thing, but what makes them think that the Wii U is really going to be the thing to do it? Nintendo can deny it, but I'm guessing most families are going to buy the next Xbox or PlayStation and an iPad before they buy a Wii U.

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Will Smith over Greg Kasavin? What the fuck?

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All of them.

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Super Potato prices aren't any better than eBay or Yahoo Auctions these days. It's a neat shop to check out, but don't expect crazy bargains on old stuff.

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Jeff's orange polo shirt still standing loud and proud, I see.

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@Enigma777 said:

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Really curious on the reasons why the OP thinks this looks terrible or if it's just Enigma777 being an asshole again.

Why is this game called DMC? Why does it even exist? And why is "Dante" naked for half the trailer?

That's all you've got? Maybe you should watch the trailer again, find out what exactly about it alphas you so hard, then burn the game for real! Yeah!

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CheapyD said Suda51 is huge asshole.

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Cheapy D from Cheapassgamer lives in Japan and is friends with the grasshopper game devs. They all say Suda is a complete dick and they honestly wish he was dead.

Seen this pop up a lot lately. Anyone wanna post a link to said info?

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The end of Metal Gear Solid 3 & Mother 3 came pretty close, but nope.