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Robototech crystal dreams for the n64 I was so disappointed

Your user icon reminds me that I was also looking forward to Dark Millennium. A WH40k MMO from the guys who made the Darksiders games sounded pretty enticing. Eternal Crusade might end up being decent, but it's a different type of game, and given the developer's less-than-stellar history, I'm a lot more wary than excited.

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I usually sit and stare at the screen for a good fifteen minutes mulling over ideas for names appropriate to the setting of the game, and specifically the race of the character I'm creating. If I can't think of anything good within a reasonable amount of time, I'll usually just recycle the most fitting name of a previous character.

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Seems this could be solved just by giving each staff member their own feed on the front page, instead of having a single feed that they all spill into.

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Looks promising to me.

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Dawn of War 3.

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I was more of a Quest for Glory guy, myself.

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Speed runs go against the whole spirit gaming for me which is about having fun, not completing some numbers task... IMO

Speedrunners play games for fun, too. Besides which, if they weren't enjoying themselves, do you really think they'd be dedicating so much time to speedrunning in the first place?

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I'll keep an eye on it, but I'm honestly more interested in seeing how Forza 6 turns out, whenever that comes along. Hoping they scale back the overwhelming microtransaction economy they started in 4 and peaked with in 5. I want lots of cars; I don't want to have to pay the equivalent of buying the game three times to get them all, and I don't want to have to spend hundreds of hours to unlock the highest tiers. Oh, and make the whole Driveatar thing optional. I like the idea as a way to race against my friends when they aren't around to play for realsies, but I don't want offline races populated by overly aggressive drivers swerving all over the road.

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What the hell is Microsoft's press conference going to be at this point? The Kinect news is out already, this is out and all that Sunset Overdrive footage. They'd better have some kick ass stuff up their sleeves to be dropping all this early.

Ryse 2: Son of Son of Rome

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This thread is preeetty great.