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I'd enjoy watching it, but I think they need to get someone besides Austin to be the GM if they run a campaign. Not because Austin wouldn't be great, but because he's too busy to do all the necessary planning and prep for a regular series -- and if they aren't doing it at least once every couple of weeks, I think it'll just peter out.

If they could find someone who is familiar with the rules of whatever game they choose to play, is good at GMing in general, and has the time to do it, I think that would be the best route to take. I've been a fan of Steven Lumpkin (who GMs for several of JP McDaniel's RollPlay shows) and Chris Perkins (who does the Penny Arcade D&D stuff), but I have no idea how much free time Steven has with all his other commitments, and Chris Perkins works for Wizards of the Coast themselves, so I'd imagine that comes with a hefty price tag attached. I'm sure Austin has some connections, though.

Of course, they could always stick to low-prep stuff like Fiasco or other off-the-cuff games, which I know the guys have stated some preference for. I personally enjoy a little more structure -- I enjoy RP and getting into character (even if I'm generally bad at it), but I also genuinely enjoy the game mechanics themselves -- so I'd be the guy who votes for stuff like 5E D&D or some of Fantasy Flight's games (WH40k: Dark Heresy, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire). However, if the more free-wheeling, "rules light" sort of games are what they'd prefer, I'd still find it enjoyable to tune into.

Honestly, I think the reasons the GBWest crew's attempts at this failed so quickly were pretty much the same: no time to properly prep and plan. Rorie clearly didn't have the time he needed to GM, and was probably more than a bit rusty, besides. I don't really blame him for things going off the rails like they did. I think if they'd had someone who was a little more familiar with the 5E rules -- and better at drawing in a bunch of rowdy newbies and keeping them focused -- a little structure could have fixed a lot of the issues and allowed everyone to enjoy themselves a bit more.

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This is m'dude.

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Some sort of Unplugged shenanigans would be at the top of my list. Preferably something a little more structured than the all-out chaos that were the previous attempts. That new adventure for D&D (Out of the Abyss/Rage of Demons) looks pretty good, and starts at level 1. Might be more of a time investment than is reasonable, though.

Austin and Vinny playing through Dragon Ball Xenoverse while Alex looks on in confusion also sounds delightfully entertaining.

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Enjoyed both quite a bit when I was younger. Doubt either of them have aged well, but if these remasters tweak them enough, I'd be curious to take a look at them again.

Amusing that Turok 3 isn't being touched at all, but not at all surprising; that game was disappointing even at the time.

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Lots of exciting stuff in the expansion. Can't wait to dig into it, even though there's still a lot I haven't finished (like any of the raids and the Prison of Elders, 'cause I only have a few other people to play with, and our schedules don't align very often). Bummed about yet more exclusive PlayStation stuff, but it's not like I wasn't expecting it.

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This takes me back. When I was a teenager, I joined up with a group to do this stuff one summer, at the invitation of a friend. Same basic rules they're using here, though I don't think it was part of the same organization. It was really fun! It wasn't a full-on LARPing group; nobody was dressing up or in-character or anything, though several of the regulars were also involved with a long-running LARPing organization in the area. I was interested in trying that out, but never had the opportunity.

Some of the regulars had been doing this stuff for fifteen-plus years and were extremely good; they'd cut you down in the blink of an eye, but they'd graciously tell you exactly how you left yourself open and give you tips to improve.

They didn't bring it up in this video (not sure if it's permitted in the specific rules system they're using), but I was personally a fan of dual-wielding smaller weapons, such as short swords or dirks.

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Halfway through this trailer I thought to myself, "If they don't have a dramatic pause at the end of this, followed by 'Welcome back, Commander,' they done fucked up." Glad to see they didn't fuck up.

Still haven't played through the Enemy Within content, despite buying it day of release. I should really get on that at some point.

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What's wrong with 71% of you?

We have jobs.

So do the other percentage.

Yeah exactly. Having limited free time is MORE of a reason to spend it playing games rather than just something gaming related. I wish I had a job where I could be watching videos at work or reading but my job is very active so that's not an option. So you better believe when I have the time I use it for what I enjoy most.

Just in mine and everyone else defense who voted 2, just because we spend more time following games it don't mean we don't play games at all. During the week I have maybe a combined 90 mins to play and I am one of those people who prefers to have at least 2-3 hours devoted to a sitting. Else I stress out over time.

This is exactly the case for me. If I don't have a good few hours of relaxed game time, then I don't want to start. Hence, I spend the majority of my free time following game-related things in general, with maybe a single, decent chunk of time playing something on one of my days off.

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Seems fine to me. Really you only want/need the battles and planets that you recognize from the films. Do you really want to battle in a place you know nothing about or was invented solely for the game? Or would rather you visit places you've seen in the movies?

And you get a 13th map if you buy the game before Ep. 7 comes out, and that one is free.

As long as the maps are designed well, that's all that concerns me.

As long as they're visually interesting, I'd actually rather have a decent mix of new (or at least sparingly used) planets in with the recognizable ones. I mean let's be frank, here -- Hoth is just a big white ball, and Tatooine is just a big brown one. You can only play on those maps so many times over the years before they get stale; there needs to be new stuff to balance out the checklist of mandatory movie sites. The potential for creative freedom in map design is one of the strong points of the Star Wars license, and it'd be a shame to waste it.

Otherwise I agree, twelve (or thirteen) maps is plenty, so long as they're well designed.

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Like them both equally. Probably why the Warhammer 40k setting is so entertaining to me.