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We'd probably get a Mini Wii-type which strips out a bunch of things.

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I quite liked Fable 2 (didn't bother with 3 after reviews), but I didn't get that because of Peter Molyneux; unlike, say, Shigeru Miyamoto, Kojima or even Sid Meier, I'm not familiar enough with his early games that got him this fame.

Still, he keeps this up, and he's going to end up going from revered to infamous and notorious faster than you can say "Dennis Dyack".

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Assassin's Creed Unity, via rental. Only started three days ago. I love the Ezio trilogy so have been excited for each iteration since, only to be angrily disappointed by III. Black Flag was no big leap, but at least it was fun. Hearing the reviews about ACU put me off, and waited to rent it. Now, with nearly three months worth of patches, I gave it a spin (Xbone) and lo and behold, haven't run into game breaking (or trauma inducing) glitches or bugs, thankfully.

Still, the game has made free-running somehow more cumbersome (with the High/Low mechanic) and the missions are as stale as ever (I'm on Sequence 4 but doing all the social club missions now). So it doesn't really fix the fact that the game itself is still boring and I'm only playing cause I love Revolution-era Paris.

Maybe Victory will do it, but I also hope everyone's finally learned their lesson and be smart about pre-ordering. Bw this, MCC and DriveClub, I've learned mine.

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Never finished Ocarina of Time.

In fact, the only Zelda game I played through was Wind Waker, and only because of the amazing graphics.

The Zelda games aren't really my bag (yes, I'm the one).

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Picked my teams when I was about 10 years old (early 90s), and chose basically the loser franchises then.

San Antonio Spurs
New England Patriots
Ottawa Senators
Boston Red Sox

Funny how they all found some success in the early 2000s. :)

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I honestly just had a cry. Hugs to the Bomb Squad. Unbelievably tragic.

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Sony's move now. If they somehow just have Kaz say '$399' to punctuate the presentation and he just drops the mic after, I'm guessing applause at the presser.

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Thanks for the memories, docs. It started with KOTOR on Xbox for me, then Jade Empire, the Mass Effects and then Dragon Age Origins. Between Bethesda and Bioware as we knew it, I'll always appreciate how you introduced choice-based RPGs to the masses over the last decade or so. Long live the king(s)!

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Rock Band 3

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I'm sure there are games that they liked that I would've played anyway, so these are the games I didn't actually have interest in but played due to them:

  • Persona 4 (which I ended up buying about 3/4 of the way into watching the ER, then actually beat it before I finished watching all of it)
  • Saint's Row the Third
  • Mortal Kombat (damn you and your infectious enthusiasm, Jeff)
  • SSX, in the near future