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I honestly just had a cry. Hugs to the Bomb Squad. Unbelievably tragic.

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Sony's move now. If they somehow just have Kaz say '$399' to punctuate the presentation and he just drops the mic after, I'm guessing applause at the presser.

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Thanks for the memories, docs. It started with KOTOR on Xbox for me, then Jade Empire, the Mass Effects and then Dragon Age Origins. Between Bethesda and Bioware as we knew it, I'll always appreciate how you introduced choice-based RPGs to the masses over the last decade or so. Long live the king(s)!

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Rock Band 3

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I'm sure there are games that they liked that I would've played anyway, so these are the games I didn't actually have interest in but played due to them:

  • Persona 4 (which I ended up buying about 3/4 of the way into watching the ER, then actually beat it before I finished watching all of it)
  • Saint's Row the Third
  • Mortal Kombat (damn you and your infectious enthusiasm, Jeff)
  • SSX, in the near future
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I'm sure they'll find a way, but it's hard to really justify going past III story-wise, considering the series is supposed to end in 2012 (September even, I believe). I understand Ubi turning this into an annual franchise (a couple of hints suggesting that B'hood and Rev were total cash-ins, a result of the unexpected success of II), but creatively, they've painted themselves into a corner.

Of course, they can always take the fiction sideways, a la B'hood again. They can always follow-up with Altair's son, or, as in the AC Encyclopedia, follow up with the Chinese assassin that met up with old Ezio, or any other time period, like Czar-ist Russia.

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Accidentally, yes. I was away on business and shared a room with two colleagues, both women. The women went out for the evening with other colleagues, while I did my thing with others I met. When I got back to the room, first thing I saw was one of them completely naked stumbling around as the other, fully conscious, was helping her to the bathroom--turns out she's had one too many Hurricanes and threw up all over herself. She was conscious enough to say, 'oh god, poor him has to look at me like this', though she didn't quite remember anything the next day anyway.

So there's that. Not the sexiest story, no.

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@Dookysharpgun said:

This better be changed to free DLC


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@csoup said:

Because unlocking said unlockables is one of the core pieces to the gameplay. I would hate to jump into Diablo III with the best armor and the best spell ranks just because a company decided to hold off on resetting data. It's a stupid move and Capcom is stupid for doing it. Theres no real argument here other than Capcom made a really really bad move.

You win, csoup. Is it really so hard to put a 'delete' save button? Or trust the player not to delete saves when they want to keep re-trying levels? Capcom's argument doesn't hold up, imo.