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I want to love the PS4 but i just do not care about their exclusives like i do Microsoft's.

I do have a PC thought so i probably shouldn't care about Titanfall.

I love Forza

I like Halo

I digg the look of Quantum Break

Ryse looked ok.

Sony's exclusives just didn't grab me but that might just be because ive primarily been a XBOX and PC gamer this last gen.

I get you, I feel slightly the other way however I've always preferred Japanese studios so that its self swings me Nintendo/sony's way. I thought Ryse was the best thing in that conference. but can I ask you a question, do you not feel like MS knew they had to show a Halo trailer? I bet you wont see anything of that game for ages it will very early in development I think. I'd guess that that trailer was made along side halo 4, therefore to me it feels like a trailer for the sake of it. Where as, might you have been more impressed with sony if they did the same? If they said look here is a prerendered trailer of game you wont see for almost two years. I don't know really look at the Last Guardian and ver 13, they have possibly skipped a generation but where shown far to early

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Mate keep going there is no point in letting them get you down at all. Trust me I felt the same way seeing the comments and trash talk on kotaku, gametrailers was painful I just chose not to participate at all. I don't feel how they do, so why should even try to reason when certain groups of people will have none of it.

In the end you like what you like, you will buy what you buy but it doesn't have to stop you enjoying other things as well.

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Put my carcass in a space shuttle send off into space, pick a direction, get it up to 22000mph and let me sail the cosmos forver

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This... is awful.

I'm actually inclined to agree with criticizing those overreacting about the lack of women in the Sony presentation when the real issue is more in the day to day industry than big press events, but this was just bad. We don't need to construct an absurd straw man to critique some responses here.

But how and why is it a problem?

Women aren't on stage because women aren't really that into STEM fields, of which "video game developer" falls under. Do we really need to manufacture diversity when the truth is that women in general just don't give a shit about making games? How do we force them to, then? And if we do force them into it, isn't that just as bad as the oft-cited oppression they faced pre-feminist revolution in the 1960's? Aren't we then dictating to them who they are and what they get to be?

I thought feminism's big goal was about giving women the freedom to choose who they want to be and what they want to do? So if they're choosing not to be engineers, why the hell is it a problem when none of the engineers on stage for Sony's event are women?

Also that black cat cosplayer is a douche.

Sir, you my friend have a brain

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Taking advantage of this glitch is not going to "send EA a message."

--- A conversation that will never happen:

"Hey, some gamers have found a way to glitch the game and get unlimited resources."

"Really? Shit, they must be really pissed that we put Microtransactions in the game."

"Yeah. We should rethink this whole business model, these gamers are too smart for us."

"Totally. Our stockholders will understand."

Loved this! Are you british by any chance?

I will be doing this for sure not because i care that much but because i like breaking games. I might send EA a tweet though saying i did it haha!

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yeah febuary 1st i think

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@Kankohii said:

It's funny how people have turned around on DMC4 when DmC came out. These are probably the same people who shat on it when it came out (and never played it).

DMC4 had the best combat in the series, and while the game's story and structure were mediocre it wasn't a bad game by any stretch. Many people enjoyed it despite some obvious flaws, and it reviewed pretty favorably as well. Nero as a character was redundant and entirely unnecessary though, and the Devil Bringer could have easily been another one of Dante's styles.

No No No No NO NO NO NO NO NO.............NO No no no non nononoononononononononon. No it didn't have the best combat, who said this? where are they?

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Just saw it in the vue extreme HFR 3D and i thought it was amazing, the 3D effect was probably one of the best yet, at one point i almost got vertigo from the mountain vistas, felt like i were actually looking down.

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I got the bee shield genuinely, and now that it's been nerfed I'm pretty pissed off but fair enough, no more I'm I doing things legit does anyone mind cloning the best legendary weapons for me? I know it's taking advantage of a broken system but I don't care anymore

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There is a compromise to be had and the choice is down to the developers, it doesn't have to be a traditional normal, easy option. Just somthing that allows less skilled players to progress like we all did. They have that right too

Anyone willing to put in a little bit of time can complete Dark Souls. It isn't a test of "skill," the only obstacles to progression are your own patience and knowledge. Remove those obstacles, those challenges, and Dark Souls is just another action RPG. Remove the obfuscation and the consequence and you lose the essential flavor of the game.

I find it difficult to understand why people want to see an already successful series with its own unique philosophy homogenized for a broader audience. It seems to me that we should be asking for exactly the opposite of that in every instance.

Yeah i completely understand you, and your first paragraph is absolutely correct but you have to be certain type of player to even get to that i feel.

and the last thing any of us want is it becoming generalised, i dont think it will get to that point tbh. Also i dont think the developers are going to compromised the game in any way which i feel kind of makes the talk of a easy mode mute, just i dont agree with the elitism that the talk of easy mode has brought up i feel its outright stupid as your first paragraph suggest its all about learning and when that is done the difficulty goes away almost. I just want to share the experience with friends thats all