What show should I watch next?

Hey, I would love it if you guys could recommend me some shows. I saw so far: That 70's show, Futurama, Southpark, Family guy, The Office, Arrested Development, Dragonball all to the end. Naruto to episode 135 or when it gets bad, dont remember, Big Bang Theory the first two seasons then it started to become really bad. Well, I'm looking for a new show. I thought about watching Mad Men. Any recommendations?


"Get Bonus". Watch it.

Some guys, one of which creates a video game that probably never gets released and one of which I maybe falsely connect to actionbutton.net, made a 90 minute video about their E3 experience. Well now, E3 is over and probably everyone is kinda sick of hearing about it, but this is a movie that is best enjoyed post E3. It tries to put a spin on things. Maybe sometimes a little too cool but at least seldomly too dull, "Get Bonus" is an attempt at creating something worthwhile. If you have any interest in intellectualism, art, dumbness, chauvinism or similar topics you should take a look at it:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8uJE4PbqHM&feature=related 
Leigh Alexander is in it.  

And yes, Kotaku ran a story about it. 
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