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Anyone care to tell me what the reason was that he was supposedly attacked in the first place? I'd appreciate it.

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@quirkwood: I second that. Though, I'm not an asshole.

Also I'm just as scared as everyone else.

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So can anyone who has played it compare it to Bayonetta for me? I REALLY loved Bayonetta, also I thought the story made perfect sense and was pretty awesome. If people now say the story is an incoherent mess, do they mean Bayonetta-like incoherent mess or like a different sort of incoherent mess? I also really liked the combat system in Bayonetta (and found it much better than i.e. the one in DMC - didn't play too many games like this so far).

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I don't own the game yet, but I'm intending to buy it, if I find someone to play it with :). Also, I don't mind other regions, we just have to check if latency works out. Preqreuisite is of course that the online co-op is in yet. Anyone can confirm that, I'm not sure how to read the steam tags ;) (Does Multiplayer mean "online play"?).

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Since I don't know what you've played I give you my favorite games of the last couple years: Bayonetta, Hotline Miami, The Banner Saga. Each of those, in my opinion, is exceptional. Go grab Hotline Miami right now if you haven't played it.

All your proposed buys are good games. FTL is might tire you out quick but it takes quite a while to even master basic combat and if you're going for unlocks you can sink TONS of hours in it. I think I played for 12 hours getting bored and then i picked it up later again and put another 12 hours or so into it.

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It's not that important what you actually end up proposing. Just keep it simple (like a coffee). Also just try to get to know her, if you have too strong romantic aspirations it might turn awkward. Most importantly don't have any expectations towards the date and don't get frustrated if you guys don't get along. I'd say meeting her is a win for you no matter what happens - you'll ease up once you get to know more girls ;).

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@demoskinos: That scene was at least cut in the German version of the game.

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@altairre Well to be fair that original game was called "Wolfenstein 3D" not just "Wolfenstein" and was released in 1992 (and apparently I was 8 then). I didn't really care about that 2009 version - it's still interesting tho ;). Also you seem to know a lot about that law concerning censored symbolism & video games :). Whats up with that?

@darji That's really good to know. So I could buy a GMG game with a VPN and get the US version? I'm really sad I can't play SP on steam today but I'm surely not gonna buy it again for that.

Thanks Ubisoft! Please check for all the swastikas next time. Btw. they apparently removed 6 minutes of footage in the German version even before they gave it to the rating commitee but for THAT they couldn't check...

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Okay, thanks for the replies guys. What I figured out through the steam forums is, that if you can play it or not depends on the license you register. Only the German version is supposed to be IP locked. I bought my game from GMG but it registered in my steam acc as the following: South Park™: The Stick of Truth™ + Ultimate Fellowship Pack (Preorder DE). So either GMG sent me a German key depending on my IP address when I bought it or Steam assigned it by IP address when I registered the game. Anyway, I can't play it on steam right now. Well, I guess I'm gonna play the game tomorrow outside of steam then ;).

@altairre: Interesting tidbit - I didn't even know that. Wolfenstein was released when I was 10 or sth.